Prophecy bites

Praise clears the way

(Angel speaking:) Hi Honey, I’m your heart, mind and conscience angel. I’ve been monitoring how your thought patterns go and have come up with a little way for you to get to the “happy place” quickly even when things are tough for you. By “tough” I mean when it’s hard for you to keep acting all sweet and nice because things press on you a bit more than you feel you can manage.

First praise; always do so, for this clears the way. It’s like first cleaning the old dishes before starting to cook the next meal. Clear out the old, and then the new can start.

Often the old crusty feelings are a lack of proper heart cleansing, and it shows up when you “visit” that place or situation or scenario again. Then, rather than having a fresh new way to deal with the situation, you click into the sad way, still encumbered with the leftover, sad feelings.

If you had gone through some deep cleaning about each hard thing, taken in God’s Word and prayed and heard fresh from Him on it, then these bad feelings wouldn’t hit you in the face again the moment you stepped into the room of a certain hard-to-deal-with situation or reaction of others. But time is a factor and as life goes on, you hardly remember the bad moments later on in order to get cleansed when you had the time.

So praise is the fast-cleaning service that does it for you when the old and bad feelings hit you.

Once that is done, you can ask, “Lord, what do You want me to make of this situation?” (Yes, I know it’s a pun.)

He can help you make something good out of it and react in a way that nourishes others.

So, praise, then pray, and then perform—do what you are meant to do. And last of all, proceed. Don’t get stuck mentally mulling over a situation. Move on to the next act of the day. Run hard; work fervently, and do your best to win the most in a day.

It’s good that you use the “blank” time of your mind to pray for those in need of faith-strengthening courage or anyone in need of prayer. This way you tick two boxes: you keep your mind filled with good things and  get the most done with your day through using the power of prayer which can accomplish much more than you ever can.

I love you and will keep at it, guiding and leading you through the twists and turns of life.

–In His Name, yours.