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(Christine Beadsworth) In ‘The Book of Endtime Light’, I shared an experience I had where the Lord showed me the room where His ‘debar’ (or words) are stored. I would like to share just a small portion of that here as it connects to the pollination of the blossoms:

“Come daughter. I want to show you something more”. We go down the same dark passageway past the treasure rooms and I am tempted to look in but He says, “Look not to the left or the right but straight ahead with fixed purpose. You do not want to get distracted”. We walk a long way down this passage and it slopes up and finally comes to an end wall. There is a very small square door at floor level and it is an azure colour.

MB: “The Mysterious Keys Part 3”#3599 (Martin Burnham:) I wish to speak to you of the keys. You should see them from my perspective, from here in Heaven. It’s a bit like there are incredible blue-colored doors in the spirit world that you have access to. All you have to do is claim one of the keys‚ and that particular door into the spirit world is open. I’m positive if you saw what I see you’d never hesitate to call on a key for any need. Imagine‚ every time you claim a key, a door into the spirit world is flung open. For example, you claim the key of healing, and right away a beautiful blue door opens into the spirit world and healing rays pour out. It’s so simple, and yet so incredibly powerful!   And these rays aren’t dispersed or diffused so that by the time they reach you they’re weakened. No, they go right down in full measure to the person claiming them, or to the person you claim them for. The Devil and his puny little demons can’t fight them off. That’s the wonderful promise. You have been given the keys of Heaven! You’ve got them. Use them!

Christine Continues: He takes a key, unlocks it and slides it up like a hatch and honey flows slowly out. What is this room, Lord? “It’s the room of Honey where my debar is stored”. It must be huge, Lord. “No, it is 22 by 22, and contains all the letters I need to make up every word that proceeds from My mouth through all ages”. Why are you showing me this, Lord? I want you to stand in it. I step into the pool of honey and rainbow colored light starts flowing up my legs to about knee level. Then they disappear. What happened to them, Lord? They have been absorbed into your being, daughter. The seven lamps before the throne have absorbed every word that has come forth from the mouth of God. They will minister to you what you need…” …The entrance of your word gives light, light to my feet and a lamp to my path.’

So the words that God speaks are formed in that room I was given the privilege of seeing. The measurements of the room, 22 x 22, symbolize the fullness of the 22 Hebrew letters which are depicted again in the 22 almond blossoms on the shaft and branches of the menorah. The seven Spirits of God are imparted through the mouth of God as His debar goes forth. Without the words that God speaks daily to us in our season of blossoming, those flowers will never be pollinated and form fruit. The flowers speak of the potential fruit that God desires to bring forth through your life but only time in His presence will result in the fruit being formed and brought to full ripeness. (This blog of Christine’s called “The Remnant Rising and Shining” is from 2021. )

MB: We have been posting some blogs on that number 2222 and do you know what they are about? The MO letter “We Are It” MO letter #2222. Something very significant is happening in the spirit. This series of blogs only went up two or three days ago. You have to see the miraculousness of this. We have a very big part in this. This woman is prophesying. She, or Jesus through her, is talking about us and the Words of David . She is like a mouthpiece out there telling us what is coming or confirming what we are being shown by Jesus for this time period. These blogs are arranged in sequence. We are not doing this; Jesus is. We just put those blogs up. If you are following the blogs, then you will know what I’m talking about and if you are not following the blogs, then you should go back, because Jesus is trying to show us something here. There is a sequence happening. It started back in 2020 and He just keeps rolling it out. If you are not following, then you are going to miss it. The breaking of the covenant and the throwing out of the Words of David by TFI are all part of it. The sequence is there. You can see we are not putting these blogs together. It’s miraculous. We are here just trying to be open to God’s pollination so that we can blossom. (If you’re interested, and I believe you should be, then I suggest you listen to the podcast on this blog. It’s at the bottom of this page. There is too much to write in a blog, so much more is being shared on the podcast.)

Another interesting tidbit; the Menorah has 22 almond blossoms and 27 connecting parts, together they are 22 +27 which equal 49 items. That number 49 reminds me of the 490 years of Daniel’s 70-week prophecy. And here is something that goes directly in line with what was in that series of blogs on Letter #2222 We Are It. “The Menorah represents the Light of Israel, and Aaron’s job was to keep the Light of the Menorah burning.” And that is exactly what was being shared in those blogs. Our job is to keep the Oracles of God, the Words of David, burning in the Holy of Holies of our hearts until the day the Morning Son arises. Then the Light will burst out of that Holy place to cover the whole world in the Millennium.

Leviticus 24:1 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, :2 Command the children of Israel, that they bring unto thee pure oil olive beaten for the light, to cause the lamps to burn continually.

Now isn’t that the commission we’ve been given in this time when all the world has fallen into gross darkness? To hold up the oil of truth, the Words of David? To bring out the Words of David again and to beat them to bring the oil?   

Lisa: Today I checked Christine’s podcast, site and she had posted a new one just today 27th April, 2023, called “Rooted in Heaven or Earth” and amazingly enough is also about Aaron’s rod!  Then she even refers to the very two posts from 2021 that I had saved on my desktop and was reading today. “The Remnant Rising and Shining” and “Personal Pollination”  (see excerpts in today’s and yesterday’s posts) What chance is there of that, on the same day?

MB: There isn’t a chance of this happening all on the same day. It was designed and planned by our loving Savior. He is warning His children through the sighing of His prophets, just as He warned the wicked and righteous of His day that there would not be any signs, but the sign of the prophet.

(Christine’s blog continues) Today is Shavuot or Pentecost which is seven weeks after Passover. Seven weeks or 49 days. It’s also seven weeks after their exodus from Egypt at Mt. Sinai and the revelation of the Five books of the Torah by God to Moses.

Some transcript from today’s podcast:

(Christine speaking:) Something really interesting happened today. In South Africa we are going into winter now. In my garden, I have three apple trees and normally at this time of the year they start losing their leaves. The apples have all been harvested in the late summer. And suddenly last week when I looked out my back door at my apple tree, I noticed that my granny smith apple tree was blossoming on just one branch, even though it is officially supposed to be going into winter here. This apple tree is supposed to be losing its leaves but that single branch seems not to have got the memo that winter is here  and it thinks it’s spring.

MB:  I want to interject here what I found in the MO letter “The Almond Tree”, because whilst reading it, the thought came to me that the spiritual almond tree does indeed know it is spring for it has received of Jesus the memo of His return. So this almond tree is indicating that in spite of what you see –or think that you see– happening, the blossoming tree is telling you something a little different.

  1. I HAVE MADE THEE TO BE LIKE UNTO THE ALMOND TREES ON THE HILL OF ZION THAT BLOSSOM UNTO ME, FOR THEY KNOW THAT IT IS SPRING AND THEY BEAR FRUIT UNTO ME–THAT BEAR BEAUTY AND FRAGRANCE UNTO ME, EVEN THOUGH THEY UNDERSTAND NOT. Even as thou which understandest not. For if thou wouldst have asked of Me, I would have given thee, but thou art dumb, and knowest not even what to ask!

Matthew 24:32 Now learn a parable of the fig/almond tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: :33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. :34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

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  “When you are lost, I will give you sight; when in despair, I will give you hope; when on the verge of collapse, I will raise you up; when hopelessness surrounds you, I will restore your vision; when all seems lost, I will bring victory-all through the power of the keys of the Kingdom.”


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