prophecy bites

“Ring the gong; sound the alarm! Blow the trumpets and bugles, so that all that can hear will hear. Sound hard, for their sleep is deep. The enemy’s drug is powerful and even now so many do not see the danger they are in, so many of My children dream on in the land of empty dreams. Run My warriors, run, shout, scream and wake the masses; “King Satan is upon them, the walls have been breached and he is upon you.” This life is not life; it is death. Death is upon you all, so go My loves and give your lives for Me and My gospel’s sake, for their sake. Time of opening the pit is almost upon us; the jailer has been sent to release his prisoners. You and the world will see great turmoil, great destruction and great tribulation. Fear not My precious little flock, for it is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. But first to war, so strap on the mighty keys, prepare for full possession, prepare for full mind meld, prepare to become one with us, your spiritual 144, 000, for we will be 10 in you, 100 in you and 1000 in you. The war in the heavenlies has heated to fever pitch; the forces of heaven are pushing. There is much shouting and clashing of arms, never since the beginning of time have we seen such a battle; desperate are the forces of sin and death. They are looking over their shoulders, for they are seeking a way of escape, but they are hedged in on all sides but one. The path to earth is open, and they are beginning to break and run. Desperate are they, for their time has come. Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth, for these evil ones will soon swarm in great numbers from their lairs and planets and worlds that surround the earth, and in ever-increasing numbers they will flood down unto you.


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