Prophecy, August 3, 2023″

“You took a foray into the enemy’s camp. You saw the battle played out in the physical. People more and more have to take sides and decide how they will play the game. Those at this office have clearly chosen. They choose to deny the signs of the times and keep playing on the enemy’s side. After all, it provides them with their livelihood, with a good salary and a good standing in the world. They can even talk about Me and pretend to be listening to My still small voice. Like this guy who was helpful (a pastor). He did get a check in the spirit that you were from Me, but that was as far as he let it go. He cannot and will not turn off the road that he is on. They swallow the lie that “All things continue as they were and it will just go on and on” They are blind but “my people would have it so” so what can you do in the end? (Jer. 5:31) You leave them and walk on, having given a message that was not received.  

Look at them. They even all wear his uniform. They all have to show what side they are on. They show the world that they work for the Revenue Authority. It’s on all of their shirts. They even push the cashless money on their clothes! So you, My sweet brides, do also. It’s in the way you live. You aren’t pushing for gain. You aren’t trying to get things for yourselves. You sit here on your farm and do your lowly jobs and eat your simple food. Some of you  might feel like life is passing you by. But you are bearing My mark; you are wearing “My clothes”. When you put on your dirty work clothes, you show Me that you are on My side. You are also declaring to the spirit world that you want no part in the fake world. Even though the steak might taste good to that guy in the Matrix, it’s fake and counts for nothing. You see this and not only do you see it, but you live it. So My sweet, precious brides, keep fighting. I see each day and I see each time that you use the weapons. I see each time that you praise when you would rather sit for a bit in the pool of self pity. I see when you pray for My return. I see when you lift each other up. So adorn yourselves each day in My uniform, most importantly the spiritual clothes you put on, praise, love for Me and yieldedness to Me. Do you see now? Don’t you see that the stakes are being raised? It’s like a poker game. If you want to stay in the game, you have to put in more money. It’s like that for both sides now. If you want to play on My side, you have to be more dropped out and more dedicated. You can’t afford any little unyieldedness or even the daydreams that waste your time. You need to be all out for Me. So it is for the world. if they are on my side, then they have to show it. They have to get the national ID, they have to register their phone number and the requirements will go on and on.

But at the same time, let it be a warning to you that the enemy is pushing. He is pushing all of these countries into the computer. This country has taken the money and they must follow through on the stipulations however many glitches they run into. But don’t worry, I have My hand in there, and I will foul things up because of your fervent prayers.  As they race towards the Mark, they don’t care who they have to step on. They certainly don’t care about the little people and definitely not people like you who aren’t properly part of their system. It’s only my care and your spirit helpers that force them to find a way to get you what you need. Keep this in your prayers, and I will bring it about.”


“You have to forsake all. You have to be willing to be what the Lord wants you to be. If it means a life of isolation and trying circumstances, giving up all that you thought you would be, or all that you hoped for, wouldn’t it be worth it for Him?”


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