Prophecy bites

Channel: I see those who are about to start running the last lap, drinking something.

Jesus: These are the refreshments, My energy drinks of New Wine, New power for these last days. If you wish to run with this team, you must drink it in. If you do not, you will not be able to run with the pace we’re making. Even now, I am pouring out My new wine to every corner of the Globe. Each team must partake of this feast, for by it they will finish the race. I say to you who will run with My Children of David, drink this new wine that I give you, and partake of it alone. For only these, My words will sustain you. I have prepared your vessels since the dawn of time. You have been fitted, molded, and shaped to receive this hot new out- pouring of My words. Say not that you cannot take it, for it is yours to drink. This is the reason I made you. Look not to the other team; drink not from that which I give them; for to you it is given to drink from My mouth.


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