Jesus Speaking

“I am wearing grooves in you. My water drips and drips.  Slowly a path is formed in the solid rock of self. My water runs; it drips.  It pours over you. Slowly but surely, I am making My way through you. I know it hurts as you slowly split and break off in little pieces. The hard surface crumbles off, and more and more of you wears away. It’s not a pretty sight as the bare rock shows; mud and dirt and bits of rock all around. What is being done here? What is the purpose of all this mess and ugliness?

All you see is tears and sorrows and pain. I am rubbing and breaking you as I pour My waters over you. “How deep will You go?” You ask Me. “What are You trying to do? Why do I make such a mess? Why is the water that comes off of me so dirty and useless? What is the purpose?” It’s not beautiful. No, the process is messy and painful, and you feel more and more like a failure as you wear away, as you break off. The blows upon you are hard, and you are tempted to give up altogether as you see nothing but disaster all around you. “Is this what I am? Is this what I have to show: just a dirty mess of mistakes?” No, I am not trying to break you off till there is nothing left. There is something inside that I am after, something deep inside of you. All that hard rock that surrounds you must come off to see it, to get it. You feel that this is all of you, that you are just a big, ugly, dirty rock that I am intent on destroying; and yes, you see no reason why you should not be destroyed, because, well…

“What is the purpose of an ugly lump of rock”? After all, to you it looks like the destroying and crushing is mostly due to your mistakes. You feel they are the reason for Me allowing you to be broken so, but I’m a skilled craftsman and I know what I am looking for. Though there is much rock and hard surface to break through, I know what is hidden deep inside and I know what is needed to break through to it. I will not give up until I have reached My goal, My prize. You sold yourself to Me; you, a little lump of hard rock. And with a great price I bought you, for I had the eye which could see through you and see just how valuable you really were. Don’t give up; keep trusting the process I am putting you through. No matter how you seem to fail, no matter how hopeless you may feel about yourself, you needn’t worry about your value or what or how you will end up. You’ve put yourself in My hands; now stay there and trust these hands that hold you and chip away at you, that allow you to fall and crumble and break. Trust Me even in the failures that you bring upon yourself. Trust that they are tools, just like everything else that is needed to get through the hard rock to the diamond that is inside.”

“The husks of this world, My love, are the chaff that blows away when the wind passes through the soul, calling you out from the world. Come, come, cries the wild wind of My spirit; come and be forever free of the things that hold you to earth.”




“Call on the keys of forgiveness, and receive My mercy fresh every morning.”





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