Speaking about Blue and Gold

“When you read about the power of the Blue and Gold with all its properties, which are so unearthly and come directly from Heaven,  your heart swells and resonates and you feel like ahh…I am Home. This is where I belong; this is language I understand. This is my place. Peace floods into your very being, into all of your soul and spirit. It’s completely satisfying. It lifts you up, encouraging you, filling you with joy, energy, the will to keep fighting as well as the reason and love to keep going till you are Home again. It reconnects you with the source and is all-encompassing and full of hope. It’s your frequency, the wavelengths that you belong to. It feels like you have connected with your kindred. It’s soothing yet stirring, and while it gives you a longing to be back where you belong, it also surges your desire and determination to complete the mission you were sent for…


Which is to reconnect other Blue and Gold tribe members.

It washes away all the earthly trash and contamination. You come into the Lord’s presence, where everything fades away except for you and Him. Your focus is magnified and all else seems to fade. As you yield all your senses to Jesus, He comes into you and possesses you. You become one. It’s a surge, a rush of love and power and complete satisfaction…ecstasy! It’s an orgasm of the spirit and oh so to be desired! Such warmth, such love.

It’s where I long to be Jesus! It’s like it brings back faint memories of a distant time when I walked in the Light, in that warmth. My longing is strong and growing stronger. Could your time of return be getting closer? I feel I will see You soon, dear Husband. I long for it! I so desire to be Home.

I feel so small and like I need to be… I need to be nothing. My self needs to disappear. I am humbled as I let go of my mind, my carnality, and let Your senses flow into me. Wash away the humanness and let me be filled with Your beautiful Self. Oh, to just be a vessel immersed in Your love where only You can be seen and I disappear. My outline is there, and that is needed, but it is so very faint.”

“This is the yieldedness. This is submission. This is surrender. Lay it down. This is what the Keys of Blue and Gold will do for you.” (Azure, Blue Angel)

USED Blue Angel


It’s not natural to rise above. When something goes wrong, or you feel unloved or unneeded, or whatever the particular battle is, it’s natural to get discouraged. But what you must do is will yourself into doing the supernatural thing and rise above. You must make the decision to fully yield and surrender yourself to the power of My Spirit.”

USED Mystical Bible emblem


“Through the keys you receive the power of God! Never before has such a channel of power been opened to My children. Unlimited and unrestricted power is yours to command through the Keys of the Kingdom.”




    Alice and the Cards paragraph 2-3

USED frequency     Resonating to His Voice




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