USED Gagantuan warriors

Gargantuan Warriors From Another Realm


Message from Arcothon…August 2020

“You wonder where your strength will come from as the days get darker and darker. It will come from obedience. Obedience to the Word will bring all the strength you’ll need for the impossible days ahead: obedience to call on the keys, obedience to love Jesus intimately, obedience to praise and pray and hear from us all the time. That is where your strength lies. Your strength cometh from the Lord which created the keys and all of us. We are part of the strength you will have when your physical strength runs low and finally out. How do you get out of the bed in the morning? You call on the keys and or one of us to give you a lift. What about when you cannot possibly raise the necessary funds for the next visa trip? Are you out of physical strength at that crucial time when all seems impossible? These are the scenarios that you can draw strength from. They happened and they will happen again; in fact, many times over in the coming years of tribulation. You have walked the faith life for many years and your faith has brought you through almost insane situations every single time.”



August 13, 2022…Prophecy:

“The enemy is playing a very dirty game. We’ve seen his tactics, and we want to warn you that it can bring you down more quickly than even a full frontal attack. He’s undermining the saints with “What’s the point?”. His continual dripping eats away at your inspirational level and each day becomes a drag and a “What’s the use of living?” treadmill.  

Without the Keys your inspirational level cannot rise to high frequency because in the physical there really isn’t too much to be inspired about. The “sheepOmeter” has a few hits…but I’m warning you…don’t look at numbers. Your blog and YouTube channel are there, but relying on accomplishments and works of the flesh to boost moral is really vanity, because that is not what its about at all. All roads ahead point to the Keys. Now isn’t that a happy thought…all roads lead to the portals, and all portals can only be opened with the Keys, so put all your focus on the Keys, and you will make headway through the swamp that you are now in.

The enemy is trying to mop up the last pockets of resistance there in the physical world, so a lot of pressure and attention is being brought to bear on you all. Those Keys you’ve been learning to wield are the vital element in keeping the bubble of protection strong around you and your loved ones. As the battle rages all around you, the Keys are the wall that prevent those darts and fireballs of Satan from delivering a deadly blow. Keep up your Blue Key shields beloved; they are your only protection. Whilst the enemy’s darts cannot enter, your weapons can fire right through the Key-empowered force field and dissipate any defense shields he has. He may have upped the ante, but I have also, and the weapons and defense mechanisms I’ve created since he’s been locked out of the know, he cannot even begin to copy or comprehend.

Because My children in the world have not kept up with their spiritual warfare training, they continue to be sitting ducks to his old tricks and the age-old devices he’s always used. You, on the other hand, have moved ahead and are Key-powered gargantuan warriors from another realm. All that I require now is for you to put more trust in the Keys, lean on them more heavily and exercise more trust and faith in them. For they truly are the new weapon that he cannot even begin to comprehend. As for their power, well, you have been told that they are connected to the very power source of Heaven, that in itself should totally awe you, and if not, then you are being attacked by Apotheon…grab a hold of the Keys of light and call on Arcos to go to battle for you. Don’t let the enemy steal away your faith; your faith is like the glue that holds all of this together. Pray for each other, fight in spirit for each other, you are strategically placed throughout this world for a purpose, stand your ground, plant your feet firmly on the Keys of the Kingdom and no matter what comes through that dark portal, do not lose hope in the Keys, for their power is equal and far beyond any demon, no matter what size or what crafty witchery they may possess. Power to the people of the Keys.”




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  1. Hi, Listen to all your messages daily for some time now really inspiring and appreciate all your efforts and the new wine, I remember a prophecy that we would be known as the COD in the end of time and also The people of the Keys, also that in a letter called The Index 32 pages white cover and 6 inches square that one day someone would figure out the code.
    Have spread your message to quite a few of our friends here
    Love to keep in touch M and P

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