USED Aquarian age

Review of “Full Possession” #3376

I give you this list below for your prayerful consideration. These are some of the things I have promised to do through you in these Last Days, what is to be your destiny, and what you must do to bring it about:

• In order to fight the battles and to defy the impossibilities that you will face in the end of days, I have pointed out to you that your spiritual reflexes need to be sharp, as quick as lightning! You must be proficient and skilled to the maximum in the use of the keys to the Kingdom I have put in your hands. This great skill and the keen reflexes that will be required of you will only come by giving Me full control in every area of your lives. Your will must be My will; your thoughts must be My thoughts. (Full Possession #3376)

Blue Angel speaking:

“Your instructions are simple: just keep using the keys, especially the Blue Key. It has to be shiny and hot with use. It will enhance our relationship, and the other keys will feel the power of this Blue Key as they do what they have been requested to do. As I told you, each key has a specific purpose, but the Blue Key is the enhancer of the other keys. By using the Blue Key, you are tapping into the power of the blue angels, but it is not our power at all; the only power we have is our yieldedness to the will of Jesus. So pray, my love. Pray and work hard on tuning into the spirit world that is all around you. Concentrate and focus on leaving the world of men and joining us in the spirit world. The power is here; the miracles are here; the keys are here, and it is up to you to open the channel called yieldedness in order for these spiritual forces to flow through the veil and into your world, through you, the chosen conduits.”

“This may seem like a type of revelation, but prayer is the Key. Your bodily presence may not necessarily be required. In fact, it may be more of a hindrance than a help.”

USED Inserting the Blue Key

Psalm 91

“After a long battle, claim the keys of sustenance to revive and refresh you.”



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