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Jesus speaking in prophecy: “As I have pointed out, we are racing against time. And it is as I’ve said in Revelation 12:12Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time

I am informing you that this time is upon you. It is he, Apollyon, the destroyer, and now that his time has come, he goeth about the Earth destroying the bodies of man in hope that their indecisive souls will fall down when they pass over. I speak of all those that are yet alive. When you release My heaven-trained witnesses, they go throughout all the Earth, and their job is to bring each person on Earth to a point of decision. There are no fences anywhere. Time is coming to a close. I am using Apollyon to force everyone to choose. Not for Me necessarily, but for love, for light, for good, for peace. This is the decision I am requiring from every person on Earth today. For the time of the End has come. If you go onto news sites and scroll through the comment sections, you will see the choices I speak of, written by their own hand. Those comments are only a small cross-section of what is happening in the hearts and minds of man. The stronger the Great Tribulation becomes, the more pressure will be placed upon the undecided and lukewarm. I say again there is no more in-between. Are you for Me or against Me? I am Love; I am Peace. Blessed are those that want peace, for they are the children of God. They will be sealed and marked to go on into the New Millennium. I am meek and lowly of heart. If they choose meekness, then they will inherit the Earth –they will enter into the New Millennium. I will keep them through great tribulation and the Wrath of God, and they will indeed enter into the one thousand years of peace on Earth. These are they who do not know Me personally, but because they chose love over hate, because they wanted peace and not war, they will be given the opportunity to hear of Me in a personal way during the thousand years of peace on Earth.

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.Matthew 5:3-12 

If you pray using the Keys of the Kingdom, My witnessers will be empowered to do many amazing miracles. They will be given permission to thin the veil and reveal themselves in dreams and visions –and even in person– to these ones that pass through these days of tribulation. What was once permissible only after the soul had passed through the veil will, in many wonderful ways, be permissible on the material side of the veil. It depends on your faith and your prayers. You hold the power to release My witnessers and give them freedom to do more than they have ever been permitted to do up until this time. Now is the time of the Keys; power to the people of the Keys. The Keys have been given to the Children of David. You hold the Keys in your hands. And now that I have revealed the power of the blue frequency key of 6.66, the power to pass through his dark barriers is enhanced many times over. In time, as you exercise your faith in the Blue Key, I will show you how to better use its frequency. I want to see faith, for it is your faith that overcomes the world and it is your faith that will defeat Apollyon in these very last days of the End. Yes, My fighters, Satan has become Apollyon and he is in a rage. For his avowed enemy, the Warrior Band, whom he thought he had destroyed as if by fire, many years ago, has risen from the ashes of defeat and as the legendary phoenix, has now come to set his world on fire. You are weak. You are but a fraction of your former selves. You are a Gideon’s band, but you are My chosen instruments of war. Your weapon is the Keys. You are armed with the power of prayer. You and we are that mighty army of the End spoken of in the Words of David.

As I told you before, Cyclor and his army was sent up at the time of the 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia. He has wreaked much destruction and despair since he was brought forth. Next year will be the 20th year. Because of your prayers, I have sent forth San-Bahd-Mahl and his armies. This is My rebuttal. One year before the 20th anniversary, I am surprising My enemy. Yes, he cries foul, but in his pride he forgets that I am the Game Maker. I rule, not he. I am answering the prayers of My Elite in order that Matthew 24:22 be fulfilled. Be patient, My brides, for all prophecies must find their mate before My return.  

I have told you that each of My witnesses goes forth with a lantern of discernment. These they use to examine the hearts and minds of those they meet in their diligent search in every house and office, every place of work or play, every village, town and city across the face of the Earth. They go into the countryside, on every highway in search of those that must be brought to a decision. As I said, My witnesses, depending on the power of your prayers, will be given permission to go the extra mile to bring a soul to a decision. Listen to the following excerpt and allow My insight to increase and broaden your capacity to pray full-of-faith prayers.

(The 2004 Asian Tsunami)

I have not forsaken any of these survivors in their hour of need.I come to them. Even those who cry out and curse Me because they think I am responsible for the pain they are suffering, I still go to them. I have sent My emissaries to them to answer their prayers, to bring them dreams and visions and still small voices of counsel.
 It is up to them to listen. If their hearts are full of hatred and bitterness and are closed off to Me, or they are crying day and night to heathen gods, they won’t benefit from the help I am sending them. But many are only distraught and confused, and this spiritual army is making headway into their hearts, bringing them comfort and light in the midst of what would otherwise be utter darkness.
You have heard the miraculous stories of those who survived the waves. But there are great testimonies that could also be told by those who are surviving the despair. The world will not hear these stories, but they are real stories of being guided through the carnage and back into life-not just mothers or fathers finding children and families, but mothers and fathers learning how to cope and care for their surviving families in the midst of the carnage; children finding happiness even though there is suffering around them; dreams that come in the night to inspire faith for the difficult days.
Many more will die, and you wonder how these spirit helpers will help them. But you must remember that passing from this life into the spirit world is not a bad thing but a wonderful thing. Death can be viewed as a golden opportunity. Care for the living, give them food, water, and the truth they need, but also rejoice for those who have died or are dying, for they will come to know about Me and have a choice for Me once they are on this side.
As you know, it’s difficult to reach everyone with the truth in the world you live in. But it is not difficult here, where all physical barriers are stripped away. Even the Devil is not given the power to stop them from hearing the truth on this side. He is allowed to invite them into his kingdom of darkness and to try to persuade them to follow him instead of Me. But he is not able to block the light from being shown to them.
So, My loves, even when you read of disease taking more from earthly life, know that I will lovingly receive these people into the spirit world‚ and send the truth to them that they have not yet been able to receive or partake of. They will have that opportunity on this side to make the choice between the light and darkness. And as for those who survive, I send them spirits of mercy, new heavenly soldiers who are volunteers going forth into their first battles.
 I have also instructed Michael and his legions to clear these areas momentarily of the demons that obstruct the truth, so that these new soldiers of Mine can have quick and easy access to the survivors and can speak to them unhindered by the forces of Satan.
There is only a small window of opportunity for each of these survivors, in which the Enemy is blocked from influencing them with his evil forces. Then once they have been presented with My love and have had an opportunity to experience My love, the Enemy is allowed back in.
These departed Christians aren’t always able to give them the full truth and specifics about Me, their Savior. But they are able to show the people that I am a God of love with a personal interest in each of them. Those who are receptive to this message are then given more truth, and assigned permanent spirit helpers to continue to lead and guide them and speak to them.
So as you can see, I do not leave anyone comfortless. I give each the opportunity to know My love. And for those who are receptive to these messages of love, the channel between them and Me has been created, and I continue to give them these messages as long as they continue to be receptive.
You can rest, knowing that the survivors are being cared for. Though you hear the news about devastation and sorrow, the media do not report how My Spirit comes through. I bring hope in the midst of their despair. I am a God of love, and even the destructive forces of war or volcanoes or tsunamis or plagues cannot stop My love from reaching a heart that cries out for My truth.
My love is always pouring out, in such great abundance that even the fires of this life cannot stop it. These fires can burn away the dross of life‚ they can cause immense pain and suffering, but they cannot torture the soul by blocking My love. Instead, they often make a way for My love to finally break through.
This was the case for many of you: Times of sorrow were what turned you toward Me, and once you turned toward Me, you never wanted to turn away again. I didn’t have to use sorrow to keep you looking toward Me. The sorrow just got rid of the blockages that kept you from noticing Me. And once you noticed Me, you were in love, and never wanted to be away again.

(From the spirit of a man who is still alive‚ who miraculously survived the tsunami and even rescued his own family. It was like he himself is still a normal person with all his faults and failings, but inside, almost unknown to his carnal mind, his spirit is calling out and searching for answers.)
 I am the spirit of one who escaped death in the tsunami. Why do I call out to the children of David when I am alive and not dead?-Because‚ although I am more open in the spirit, I am still very bound in the flesh, and a thousand questions about my life rise up and crash in on me like the tsunami itself. I must know! I must find out!
My brush with death and the miracles that happened to keep me alive have given me a great desire to know why. What is the greater truth that lies behind the events of that day? Why did I live when I should have been the first one to die? Why was I able to rescue my whole family when so many others perished? Who was it that helped me and spoke to me in that terrible moment of desperation? This is not the first time I have been so close to death. This is not the first time I have felt His great presence.

My loves, even this-though tragic and catastrophic-must happen for the Scriptures to be fulfilled and for the events of the Endtime to be played out. This and many more such catastrophic events shall you see before the End of days. Satan has unleashed his fury at the army I am amassing‚ and great has been the loss of life. Great has been the sorrow, but I claim the final victory in bringing many into My arms through this. The Earth-even in her heaving and fury-has yielded many unto Me. These are the blessed ones-although in their wake they leave much sorrow. Weep not for these, for they are safe with Me. Weep for the lost who do not yet know Me.
Yes, thousands have been lost, but so many more thousands-yea, tens and tens of thousands-will come to Me because of this. Satan has unleashed Cyclor, and the unleashing has sent waves that have claimed the lives of thousands‚ but you have no idea what fruit I will claim from this!-Waves upon waves, rings upon everlasting rings will be the ripple effect from this disaster in the spiritual realm. This has already caused a great stirring in the hearts and spirits of My children within all circles of My Family, and a great widening of the eyes of the peoples of the Earth.
This is only the beginning. The bell has tolled out the last Christmas where the Earth lies dormant and asleep; now she has been awakened and her travail will begin. Now begins your time, My children, My conquering and attacking army-your time of reaching the lost and the peoples of this Earth as never before. Now you must reap the harvest. Now you must reap as you have never reaped before, before it is too late for many. Great was the movement in the spiritual realm on this day-. Let this sober you‚ My loves, as to the urgency of reaching the lost.

Prophecy continues: So My chosen of the End, pray and release the power that will assist My children to win the millions still lost in this dark and cloudy day. Some who leave Heaven on this assault have never had their opportunity to witness and win a soul. They have no diamonds in their crown, no shining, no glow. This is their big opportunity to gain some points in this arena. You can be the slingshot that sends these small pebbles toward the giant’s forehead. Once they have gotten the decision from their “sheep” then that sheep is tattooed or marked by Me and is set to enter the coming millennium. (end of prophecy)

For yet a little while and you shall receive My tattoo, the greatest of all tattoos, which does not mark and sear the flesh as those of the world, for it is greater than all fleshly marks of the world. This is My spiritual seal and mark. I would that you rather earnestly seek after this great seal, My mark which shall set you apart and keep you in the dark days to come which are almost upon you.

This mark will be the mark of true strength–not of worldly pride and fleshly strength, but of dependence on Me, of true humility, of My ownership. Therefore earnestly seek after, be worthy of, and covet this mark. For though these coming days be dark, for you, My children, I also call them days of light, for your light shall shine as never before! Then shall your true inner strength be made manifest as never before! Then shall the strength of the flesh fail. Then shall your true strength be put to the test. Then shall you need My strength, My power, My seal.

Are you willing to seek out those who need Me, who need My love, My salvation, My seal? Are you willing to lay down your life that others may bear My mark? Are you willing to shine as one who bears My mark?–Not the mark of the world, of pride and fleshly strength, but of the true servants of God–strong in My Word, in My love, in dependency on Me, shining as living testaments to My Word, and being as more than conquerors through Me! (End of message from Jesus.) (Man Looketh on the Outward Appearance–Part 2 [#3125])


The heart of man is the seat and source of all evil. From within, out of the heart — proceeds all sin, mischief, and misery. The heart is eager for all evil — but it is indisposed to all spiritual good. It needs to be enlightened by God’s truth, softened by God’s grace, and led by God’s Spirit — if it is to approve, choose, or attend to anything really good. Except God takes the heart in hand — there will be no effectual work, no saving change, no preparation for glory. Solomon has said, “The preparation of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue — is from the Lord.” Proverbs 16:1 (James Smith)


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My precious loves, you must walk by faith, no matter what you think about yourself or how you feel about your battle wounds–how many you have, or how deeply you have been wounded and exhausted through the fight. You must have faith that I am strong in you‚ and even more so, that My strength has been made perfect even through the wounds you have suffered.

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