with prophecy: Jesus speaking

What are you doing? Yes, you are mulling over the past. The enemy is there right beside you; in fact, he has been beside your bed just waiting for you to awaken and rise to the occasion. “Welcome to your life, Sinner”, he said as you opened your eyes.

My love, there is no way you can undo what you have done in the past. What is done in the flesh is final and sealed. So why live in it? Why dwell in it and allow that “Filth” to drag it into the present and on into the future? What a hell he has waiting for him; he’s the one with no future. He’s the one who has an eternity of regret to live through, and all because he couldn’t say “Sorry, please forgive me. I was wrong, and I want with all my heart to start over again.” That’s all it takes, My love; it really is that simple because I did pay for it all, every last mistake and sin, every last thing that was done in the flesh by every last sinner that every walked on this earth and who will yet walk on this earth. It is wrong to listen to his tirades; he is using your past to destroy your future. But, My sweet one, your future lies with Me. I am your future. I paid the price, and you are Mine –bought and paid for. Why did I do that? Because I love you. Now, isn’t that so simple? Yes, My love, very simple, even though it is difficult to forget a past that is full of sin and mistakes, and it is easy swamp for the “Scum Bag” to dredge up and throw out of the bucket before your feet, and oh how difficult it is to not look at, let alone think about. But in the end, what is the point of doing that?

In My eyes, and the “Dirt Bag” knows this too, that swamp is gone, done, finished and flushed away. All your sins are as scarlet, washed in the blood of the Lamb, My blood, and My blood makes everything as white as snow. Your future is as white as snow, a path not yet trodden, stretching out before you on into eternity. Now pick up that pack that I gave you at the beginning of this journey,  strap it on your back, and get back on that trail. And remember when each day dawns, that you are born again, a new creature with a fresh start because all those sins of yesterday and even those you committed just now by listening to “Foul Mouth”, are paid for, were paid for and will be paid for. So put a smile on your face and let’s go. Here, hold My hand. I love holding your hand; it feels so warm and smooth and whilst I do, I can run My finger over the wedding ring, just to remind you of who you are and what we did together so many years ago now. I love you.”

A prayer:

Dearest Jesus, I love you even though at times I don’t act like it. Why don’t I? Because I keep making the mistake of looking at myself, and when I do that all I see is my flesh, that is all I see…flesh, sins and mistakes. But if I look at you, I see love; I see perfection; I see grace and I see encouragement and a reason to fight on. How simple it all is, just keep my eyes on you and everything is okay, bright and happy. When I’m feeling low and depressed it is because my eyes have dropped from your face and I am looking at the earth and the things of this earth, the flesh and self. How silly I am, I know in my heart that there is only death there, so why do my eyes stare so? It is only dark down there, the light is above, the light is in your face, I know You are there because I feel Your hands holding mine. If I keep looking down like this I will let go of your hands; I hear Your voice still, and it is calling me to not let go, to hold tight to You and look up again into the light of Your beautiful face and smile. You don’t see what I see when You look at me, you see something that I don’t see and it makes You smile. If I look at Your smile and believe that it is for me then I know my life will brighten and everything will look different. When I do that, then me no longer matters, it only matters when I start to look at me again…oh silly so unimportant me. I am flesh and You are spirit…to become like You I must look at You at all times, and when I do, nothing else matters. There are no shadows then. Yes, I may be surrounded by darkness but I won’t see it because all I see is You. This is what I want more than me and self and I.

A sinners prayer

“My love, there is no way you can undo what you have done in the past. What is done in the flesh is final and sealed. So why live in it?”



Revelation 21

A video about the Heavenly City





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