USED grapes in a bundle

Talking to Jesus, heart to heart

“You feel a tinge, and a sharp pain. Sometimes it comes on gradually, other times it hits you sideways with hurricane force and predictably, knocks you down flat. You are left disorientated for a while wondering what to do, with an awful dread feeling in the pit of your stomach. You inwardly groan and feel despair coming on. Initially, it can totally incapacitate you to where you don’t know up from down. You want to run; you want to hide; you want to curl up in a ball under your blankets. But there is nowhere you can go that will make it go away. It is as a torment, so intense and acute. “Oh Jesus, please take this cup from me! I cannot bear it! It is so heart-wrenching! Why Lord? Why do you give, only to take away? I look around me and see my brothers and sisters in similar, but at the same time different, situations, and they also ‘can’t’ have what they want. It seems we have all been sucker punched! Serving You, darling Husband, requires so very much…everything.”


This cup, My darling, has the most exquisite wine, from the best vines of My very own personal vineyard. This particular vineyard is situated in the lowlands where the soil is poor and it is a fight for survival. But through this intense toiling, ahh the sweet exquisiteness! The flavor is divine! Literally! Because I put you there in that valley and I squeezed you and crushed you. I took away, so that instead of an abundance of ordinary, easy drinking, common table wine, grown in richer soil for lazy vines, you would produce intensely rare, rich, luscious clusters that, because of your aura, leave an impression and a lingering ‘taste’ in others’ mouths. The single-mindedness of your time in the valley of testing has made you full, robust and vigorous, instead of dull, shallow, empty, thin or hollow. I am making you into a full-bodied, smooth wine with high alcohol content that lingers to the taste. I need you to be potent and effective and to leave a lasting impression. In the tough conditions, you must focus and concentrate on channeling all your energy on producing the fruit.


Everything else must be sacrificed for the sake of the grapes. There will be fewer bunches but what you will be left with will be what I need to quench the thirst of those who visit your vineyard. It takes time, My sweet children, purging this branch here and another one there. Sometimes even a fire passes through. It will not consume you but only force the juices into the luscious, precious clusters of grapes. I must purge. It brings forth the quality. I need elite quality. I need My sheep to stand up and take notice of your brightness in the darkness –thus the pain!  I am your vine dresser, your Husbandman. But know that I am always in My vineyard attending My vines. If you look, that’s where I am, in My most favorite place, lovingly, tenderly, tending you, My heart of hearts. I bestow all My love and care on you, dearest to My heart. My tendings will render full-bodied, mature wine, just wait and see. (End of prophecy)


It is a wine for God’s drinking, for He receives the soul into Himself, changing and transforming her into Him; He makes her His pleasure and delight. He forms and reforms her, causing her more and more to disappear and to be more and more wonderfully transformed in Him. It is truly worthy to be the beverage of God.

Vessel Of Your Love

“Command Me, the Keeper of the keys, to work on your behalf through the power that I readily and freely give you. I will overcome all impossibilities for you, My brides, as you turn the keys of the Kingdom.”


May 2022


Those That Dwell Alone



April 2022


Rewritten with Blue and Gold



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