free at last!

I read “Amazing Grace” recently because I needed help explaining to a friend the difference between the laws of Moses and the love of Jesus. I found the answers I was looking for, but I also heard the Lord speaking to me about the freedom of spirit that was released through the Words I was absorbing.

Jesus speaking: As system cords tighten and conformity, regulation and fear, restrict, smother and suffocate the bodies and souls of man– the heat of God’s love must burn more brightly in the hearts of His servants. These servants must not forget their First Love. They must remember the Words of life that once set them free from the confines of this devil-created illusion called The World –and those they come to save must feel this freedom. This can only happen if My children are possessed by My spirit of love.

The constricting, self-righteous laws and traditions of today’s modern church system make of its adherents, cold, lifeless vessels –full of ice water. The modern church is bound within the worldly system that it was spawned from. It cannot set the captives free. It cannot free anyone, because it is not liberated in spirit. It will be dragged into the abyss with the old world as the Antichrist demands registration and worship.

Only the white-hot love of God burning in the hearts of  My true believers will have the power to burn away the shackles of remorse and sin that this new regime will set upon those that take this damnable mark.

(end of prophecy)


Do you have such freedom? If you are strong enough in Spirit & in faith & filled with His Love, the Lord can trust you with enough liberty to live life to the full!And to even use such liberty as a useful tool to help & win others with His Love!”



“Claim the keys of witness in your lifenot just witness to the lost, but witness in every way, at work and at playand My fire and love will burn in your heart brightly, illuminating others’ lives.”





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