Jesus Speaking:

(Jesus speaking:) … These are as tools or aids in My learning course—all with the intention of bringing you yet a step or leap closer to know Me. It’s Me that your heart is really after; you just aren’t fully aware of it.

Something in your heart and mind and soul longs for something that “pairs” with you. The more each of you are filled with Me, the more the other will find that there is to love in each other; for it sits right with your heart. It tastes like just what you are craving.

You get glimpses of the love you are actually desiring in each other, but neither of you will ever be able to fill one another’s thirst and hunger quite all the way, though it feels mighty close on many occasions. But full fulfillment of your deepest heart’s yearnings can only come right from the source—from Me, and that will only be entirely opened up to you at the time appointed.

So though you think you wait for a time when you can revel in the full love that you desire, remember—for I know your hearts—that it is something bigger and far more glorious that your heart and soul, mind and body actually are in need of.

Each of you is like a little dispenser, carrying a sampling of heavenly joy. You can only contain and hold a certain amount. You love what is in the dispenser of this Heavenly potion, but the container itself is empty and nothing unless I fill it. It cannot create or manufacture more of this delicious healing potion. But it can give, and then it can be refilled from the endless store of love in the heart of your Creator.

You take a bit from the nozzle, and you want more and more. You wish it would fill you from head to toe. But to truly get all that you’d wish for, you have to go to the Source. Only there will you get the amounts of all that you need.

So how do you do this?

Constantly turn on a vacuum in your spirit for the love of Heaven to be poured out, right from My heavenly vials. Even just a droplet of potion from one of My Heavenly dispensers is enough to fill you to overflowing. Then once you are filled up with Heaven’s magic elixir, you can enjoy one another and give to one another, rather than being bone dry and hurting and hoping to be filled to the top from each other.

Fill up with Me, with My Word—both written and alive and fresh as I speak it right to you. Fill up with joy through taking daily time, hourly time to whisper words of love and words of gratitude to Me, Your Redeemer. These things will make your own vessels stay topped up and freely able to share and give My love.

I’m longing for the day we can have the biggest feast of love and joy you ever had—far more than you ever thought existed in the Heavenlies. But in the meantime, keep coming to Me to fill you up, hourly if need be, and then you’ll never quite reach the bottom of the barrel.

Each of you can’t possibly fill the full needs of another, and I’ve made it in this way so that you will always be ever craving and in need of Me. Then I get to have you ever so close in heart and mind, in words and in actions. For I made you, and to then get to be near to you and to be needed and craved by you is a deep satisfaction for Me.

Did you crave to hug Me with a word of praise and thanksgiving after I did something real special for you? Did you long to sit down at the end of your day to tell Me about your thoughts and see if I would tell you a few of My own? I love it.

I’ll let you in on a secret. The more time in heartfelt communion that we share, the less the spells of despair will set in. I’ll simply put Myself in that place and hold the empty and lonely parts of your heart.


“And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ:” Ephesians 3:9


Fields of Airyn

“Please stop, look to Me, and listen. Claim the keys to make this your modus operandi in everything you do, and your spiritual life will know no boundaries and your joy will be full.”





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  1. Praise God. I just came across your site, as a friend was raving about it & here I am. Wonderful! Thank you all for being such yielded vessels. I am so encouraged & inspired; what a wonderful way to begin my day. All glory & praise to Jesus.

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