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“Believe in the prophet; believe his words. The Words that he hath spoken unto his children are spirit and life to all those that receive them as clear pure waters from the most High God. Hear ye the Words of David, for they were given to this last generation as an ensign to all nations. This secret covenant has been signed, sealed and broken, as your Endtime prophet declared many years ago. You wait for events that have already transpired. It is late, and gross darkness is upon the world. Look around you, for the abomination of desolation is within the hearts of man. Satan has polluted the sanctuary of strength; the temple has been defiled. Full worship of the Beast is well on its way as scripture after scripture meets its mate in final fulfillment. Satan has no allies; he shares his seat of power with no one. Man is his enemy, an object that must be destroyed, and all are puppets in his hand. His lust is for souls; he only wants souls. His only desire is to fill his kingdom with the souls of men, to utterly destroy and to make away with every vestige of what is good, true and godly.

Come out from the worldly ways and thoughts of the men of this world. Follow the voice and spirit of God through your gift of prophecy, and you will hear secrets from the mouth of God. Do not dip your ladle into the tainted waters of this world and sip from the wells of the wisdom of men, for this is foolishness to Me, and their words are an enemy to the truth. Do not despise the Words of the prophet, for in them you will find the jewels and secrets and leads that you seek. You have the index to the Words of David. Study to show yourself a workman, and with a believing heart and an open mind, hear the Words of The Prophet, for your heritage and destiny lie within the pages of the books and scrolls of David, your king.

With great respect and reverence, you search the scriptures for truth and a light within the Endtime tunnel. This pleases Me, yet I have one thing against you; you neglect to search diligently and to remember the scripture that leads to the Words of David. He was chosen by Me to be a leader and a captain to the people. His Words are My Words, and they will set you on the path that you seek. Read Ezekiel 34, then 36, and you will see where you joined My path, and then where you left My path. Then follow the path of the dry bones in Ezekiel 37, and you will see that they lead you once again to My commander David. Have you lost your way? Then drink deeply once again from the cisterns of David, for they are meat indeed, and they are drink indeed. Despise not the day of your beginning; remember the days of your youth.

This is not the time to fly by the seat of your pants, trusting in your own “gut feelings.” The wisdom of man is foolishness to Me. Look around you and see how lost your brethren are, how they grope in the darkness that has fallen on this Endtime world. They look for a savior, but in all the wrong places. It has been said that even the very elect, and let Me add this phrase, by their own reasoning, stand to be deceived.

The scripture is clear enough, but the mistake many are making is that they have left out an important ingredient to finding their way through the darkness; they have despised the Words and wisdom I gave unto My prophet David. Take heed, My children; for in looking back and trying to find your “own way,” your path will be set in disarray.

It is far later than you think. My Word is a light to your path; but there are too many shadows and delusions on the path before your feet. Lift your lamp higher. The shadows that the enemy is casting on your way will vanish, and you will see clearly. Your confidence in the Words I have given David will grow as the enemy recedes.”


“You are in the driver’s seat, and the spiritual warfare is raging, yet so much that happens here in the spiritual realm is dependent on your prayers and how expertly you wield the power of the Keys.”

VIDEO “The Lamp”

“The keys of conviction will wash away all the flimsy justifications the Enemy would try to tempt you with, so you can keep your spiritual guard up and be awake and aware of the spiritual warfare.”



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