USED faith and works

Putting Faith into Action



“Be businesslike about putting your faith into action. You have to do your part in the spirit by feeding it and nourishing it through your times with Me and My Word, but then faith has a work element to it as well. Faith is what transfers something from a nice thought to a world-changing action. There’s nothing laid back about faith; it’s willing to get off its rump, roll up its sleeves, and work hard. It’s prepared for action; in fact, it makes the action.”


That’s what you’re meant to do with faith–put it into action. Faith is not complete without the action; it’s a package deal. You have to work your faith to prove its existence. Human nature conflicts with unreserved faith in Me. The carnal mind (Romans 8:7) is ever active in weighing up the “logical” explanation for everything, and insisting that you must take action if you want to see results. Action is important, but it doesn’t substitute for faith; it has to work in conjunction with faith, otherwise you’ll find yourself spinning in place or moving along very slowly. It’s the combination of faith plus effort that moves you forward at a quick clip.

So if you want to see progress and success, utilize your gift of faith as you set about doing what you can in the physical. Don’t neglect one in favor of the other. When you successfully merge faith and effort, you’ll find greater success, because it will be both Me and you working together, and we’re a powerful team.

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