as we apply the laws of the spirit



“The only true reality lies in Me and My promises. I’m able to defy the laws of nature that I’ve put in place if I so desire. Don’t limit Me. Don’t let the Enemy’s doubts limit your faith. Fight militantly to hold on to your faith and to cherish and hone the weapons I’ve given you so that you may have the strength wherewith to fight the battle, to defy the impossible, to rise above.”

“Faith is accepting the things that you don’t understand with your carnal mind, things that you can’t see with your physical eyes or touch with your hands. It is, as Paul described, the substance of things hoped for, the hupostasis, the title deed, the proof of ownership of things that you may or may not physically hold in your hands.

Yours is a life of faith. It’s a life of basing your actions, your choices, your belief system, your everything, on My Word, and ignoring everything else when necessary. It’s a life that will be greatly rewarded when you step out of the surreal facade the Enemy so carefully sets up to snare mankind and you’re able to see–not through a glass darkly, but face to face–how things truly are. It will be like Neo stepping out of the matrix and seeing reality for the first time. You’ll be so glad you gave your life to set others free.”

“As you exercise this gift of faith, step out on the water of My promises and you’ll see things change before your eyes. This is an active gift–a living, pulsating, spiritual gift. As you walk by faith, the doors will open before you, the waters of difficulty will part, the mountain of impossibility will be scaled.

” Faith is your “biggest and baddest weapon.” Yes, all the weapons work together; they’re all powerful and all needed, but faith is the secret to using any of them to their full potential.”

“It is your declaration of faith, your outward show of faith in Me and My Word and My promises that moves My hand. It is in your casting of yourself utterly and completely on Me that I am well pleased, and in this I am able to live and think and move in you to full measure. It is faith that saves!”





May 2022


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May 2022


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