Boat in a desert place


I’ve been wandering through the desert

Haven’t seen a cloud in forever over me

But I believe Your rain is coming

I’ve been hanging onto high hopes

‘Cause You’re the one who’s making dry bones come to life

You’re the light I put my trust in

Every word You say is gonna come true

You will lead me to the Promised Land

Everything You say is gonna happen

Even though I haven’t seen it yet

I will build a boat in the sand where they say it never rains

I will stand up in faith; I’ll do anything it takes

With Your wind in my sails, Your love never fails or fades

I’ll build a boat in the desert place


For you are they who have accepted My strong Words, who have grown with them, who have obeyed them, who have applied them, who have suffered for them, and who have grown strong because of them.  And so do I continue to pour them forth unto you. For there are no others that have this heritage, and no others have proved their willingness to pour them forth, to live them, to stand up for themto be persecuted and mocked for them, who have been willing to say, “I believe them because God has said them!”


It takes faith, yes. It takes courage, yes. It takes total abandonment to My will, yes. It takes ignoring the voices crying out to you that say, “It’s impossible. “It takes trusting Me because you know you’re doing My will, and you know I will not fail you, because I have never failed to see you through.    

I (too) had to decide which way it would be for Me. It had to be My Own decision to fight for truth and walk the missionary’s way. The choice was Mine–and the choice is yours–as I give to each of My children this divine majesty of choice. No one could decide for Me, just as no one can decide for you. No one else could fulfill My Father’s plan for Me; only I could do that. Just as no one else will be able to fulfill My will for you, for I have designed each of My children for a particular job and place of service.

Many are called, dear one, but few are chosen–not because I will not have them, but because they are not willing to be chosen or fulfill the high calling that I place before them, the high commission of missionary service. For My highest will, My intent for all those who know and love Me, is that they bury themselves in My service, as the corn of wheat falls to the ground and allows itself to be buried, to die, that others may live, as I did for you. My will is that you bring forth much fruit and that your fruit remain.

I, too, heard the many voices–some through sincere loved ones who were close to Me. Yet I learned that My strength and power would only come in following My Father above. Had I followed the many other voices that attempted to sway Me, things would have been very different. My foundation would have been weakened through the multitude of other things that would have entered in. It was in living the doctrine, in following the truth and living it 100 percent that I was strengthened and able to stay pure in heart, and single in mind, heart and spirit.

I am not the author of confusion, therefore listen only to Me. My voice does not confuse. I do not twist facts, but My Word is true and steadfast. I see your dilemma, but you must not fret. Be not fooled by Satan’s many voices. Be not fooled by the red herrings Satan would attempt to put in your way. There are many voices, even those who are well-meaning with the intentions of man who would offer grandiose plans; all these might seem good, yet would they not be of Me. Be not filled with good things to the neglect of the best thing which I offer.

I say to you, as My Father said to Me: “What is that to thee? Follow thou Me. “In this, My precious love, as you follow in My footsteps, you will find the peace, happiness and fulfillment that you seek. Go, therefore, and be blessed, knowing that I go before you now to prepare the way. Will you follow? Will you walk with Me now? Will you live with Me now? Will you give your all to Me, as I gave My all for you?

Will you leave the burdens and voices and confusion behind you and walk on into the bright golden horizon of the harvest field that is waiting? Are you willing to drop everything and follow? Will you invest in eternal dividends, or only in that which will decay? Will you build your house upon the rock that will stand, or on the sand that will crumble and fall in the storm that is approaching?(Be a Missionary! [#3135])

Mystical Bible

Out of Memphis

  Rehab Before Heaven?

We are taught in the MO letter “The Helmet” that salvation cannot be lost. Yet there are those, even of our own brethren, that have turned their hearts away from Jesus and belief in God. They are eternally saved; so will they get to enter the Heavenly City at the Rapture? Or is there another place set aside where they will be given an opportunity to find repentance?  Rehab Before Heaven (September 10)


Here we have a reading of the MO letter “Snowman” #195 with a few surprises and perhaps a new revelation or two about who, at least initially, may not make it into the Heavenly City. David is still with us of course, directing his own writings, dreams and visions. So listen up because a lot of his dreams are only now reaching their final fulfillment. Snowman (September 09)


“Dad: Don’t be ashamed; you have what everybody needs, and just because they can’t see it that doesn’t make it less real!”


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