“To which I may add that it is often a solitary attitude: “I will stand upon my watch.” The church has gone to sleep, but “I will stand upon my watch.” Like flocks of sheep they lie all around us, the multitudes of souls for whom we have to care; but there are still shepherds keeping watch over their flocks by night, to whom the glory of the Lord is often revealed when the sheep perceive it not. The city lies wrapped in slumber, and no sound is heard among her ten thousand sleepers; but there is one who knows no sleep, nor gives slumber to his eyelids, for he is the appointed watchman of the night; and he keeps to his tower, and sets himself in his place, firmly resolved that, till the morning breaks, there shall be somebody to keep guard over the city. Well, sometimes, I say, that watchman has to be quite solitary. O brothers and sisters, it would be better for us if we had more solitude! It often becomes needful to us because we cannot find kindred spirits that can watch with us a single hour. The higher you get up in the Church of God, the more solitary you will be. For the sheep, there are many companions; but even for an under-shepherd, there are but few. As for that Great Shepherd of the sheep, the Chief Shepherd and Bishop of souls, the Good Shepherd, you know that his most favored apostles could not watch with him even one hour, but he had to endure his terrible agony in Gethsemane alone; and such of his servants as he honors most will know best what is the meaning of Gethsemane, the olive-press, and the solitude which often accompanies the stern watch that the faithful servant of God must keep. Never mind if all others around ye. say that you are hot-headed, and zealous, and enthusiastic, and foolish, and I know not what; say to yourself, “Will stand upon my watch.” What if they should, think that you carry things much too far, and have too much religion, or are too consecrated? Reply, “I will set me upon the tower, and will still watch, for that is my business even if I must attend to it all alone.” The man who has God for his Companion has the best of company; and, he that is a solitary watcher for the Most High God shall one day stand amidst yon shining legions of angels, and himself shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of his Father. Expect, therefore, if you are a servant of the Lord, sometimes to have to watch alone, and, be thankful for that position if God honors you by calling you to occupy it.

Observe, further, that the attitude of the child of God who is called to be a prophet to his people — as I know that many of you are,— is one in which the mind must be entirely engrossed. The true servant of the Lord thinks of nothing else than this,—”I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what the Lord will say unto me.” He is wholly taken up with that one matter. Many of you have your secular callings to follow; but, without neglecting them, you can still, in spirit, be watching and waiting to hear the voice of God; for God speaks to us not only when we are in the study, or kneeling in prayer by our bedside, but he has ways of talking with us while we are going along the road, and so he makes our hearts to burn within us. He can speak with us in the thick of the greatest throng; and, perhaps, some of us were never more conscious of the voice of God than amid the rushing of ten thousand spindles, or in the midst of the crowded street. At such times, the noise and turmoil of this busy world have not been able to drown the gentle voice of God within our spirit. Nay you, beloved, be thus engrossed! If you intend to serve the Lord, give your whole soul to the learning of his truth and the hearing of what he has to say to you, that you may afterwards be able to tell out to others what you have yourselves been taught of God.” (Spurgeon on Habakkuk 2:3)

Mystical Bible

Revelation 15-22

  Rehab Before Heaven

We are taught in the MO letter “The Helmet” that salvation cannot be lost. Yet there are those, even of our own brethren, that have turned their hearts away from Jesus and belief in God. They are eternally saved: so will they get to enter the Heavenly City at the Rapture? Or is there another place set aside where they are given an opportunity to find repentance?  Rehab Before Heaven (September 10)


Here we have a reading of the MO letter “Snowman” #195 with a few surprises and perhaps a new revelation or two about who, at least initially, may not make it into the Heavenly City. David is still with us of course, directing his own writings, dreams and visions. So listen up because many of his dreams are only now reaching their final fulfillment. Snowman (September 09)


  More Thots of the 10 Kings

We are reading excerpts from the MO letter “More Thots on the 10 Kings”. In this podcast we are discussing the possibility of the 10 BRICS nations being the 10 horns of Daniel 7:7, 8, and if perhaps we are seeing the rise of the “little horn” from within these united BRICS nations. More Thots on the 10 Kings (September 08)

“Hold onto Me; strap yourselves to My back and wrap your arms around my chest or neck or anywhere that feels safe. I won’t let you go if you don’t let go.”   


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