You Possess the Power


By the right of possessing the Keys of the Kingdom, you become part of the dynamics of the spirit world.

You possess the power to keep things stirred up and moving in the spirit. Principalities and powers are subject to your command. You hold the power in your hands, and if you fail to activate the keys, then there is lack.

 Satan’s forces are busy at work. But how they work, how much or how little they are able to accomplish, and how successful or unsuccessful their efforts are, hinges on the force and energy that you release through the power of the keys.

This is the responsibility that rests on your shoulders, My children of David. If you do not wield the keys as I want you to‚ if you fail to do your part in keeping the power of the keys flowing‚ you not only forfeit power and give your enemy advantage over you, but you are responsible for slowing down the dynamics of My Spirit.

 The fact that you are key bearers, makes you responsible. The keys are not ornaments to be admired and set on a pedestal, only so they can be appreciated for their beauty, but not have their power activated. The keys are to be kept in use. These are the dynamics of My Spirit: you must not let the keys lie dormant. You must use the keys, or you will fall behind. There is no standing still for those who bear the keys of the Kingdom.

 You have done well in practicing with your use of the keys. But let this knowledge be an added incentive to step up the pace in your training with the keys. Let these prayer days serve as a platform to join in a concentrated effort to affect change through the spiritual realm, to direct forces, to reach deep into both realms –physical and spiritual– and make a difference through the power of the keys.




“You can know the full, unvarnished truth because you have the keys. They reveal the secrets of the universe, and without them and their power, you can’t really know the whole truth. The negatives in the world are ever so many, and they tend to latch onto you without you realizing. Without the key’s positive balance to wash them away, you can pick up a lot of nonsense. It is dangerous to be My child in this world without being aware of the intense spiritual warfare. So many of My children, unawares, have believed some lie!  I do try to protect those who aren’t aware of the keys, but often they walk around a bit oblivious to the spiritual warfare. There are those who do try to fight for Me, and I bless and protect them, but very often they have taken in some lie and don’t know the whole truth. So My loves, see and know that you can see things as they are because you have the keys. You have the opportunity to be whole truthers, and that means that you are of immense value to Me in turning this world around back to the Light!”



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