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the key of full possession


Some thoughts on my most loved and cherished KEY, full possession:

Full possession is my daily prayer, from the time I wake up, for every situation that I face, that others will see and hear Jesus in me in all I do or say. What a weapon of all weapons to use, especially when taking Word time, to really get into it. When the enemy is trying to block my mind with all there is to do that day, claiming full possession and mind melding with the Lord, and asking Him to cast all that carnal goo out so I can focus on the Word is powerful. Claiming the keys of full possession and mind melding with the Lord has pulled me out of all the dumps and discouragement thrown at me, especially when I am tempted to murmur about the circumstances and how hard things are sometimes. I could say so much more about the victories given to me through this most precious of all keys. I especially appreciate how it gives me the faith to trust Rom 8;28 for “all things” and helps me to see the Lord working His will in each situation.

Thoughts on where we are at in the Great Tribulation:

In my Word time, the Lord led me again to the message of Jeremiah. This is a quote from “It Could Happen in 2022” (given in 2020): “but first the prophets must gather them in. His servants must go forth and proclaim the acceptable day of His coming. Till the end of this year and for two years following, all hell will break loose. For the time of the gentiles is upon you. Come out from among them and into the inner court in preparation; for his revelation is almost upon you.  The time of the gentiles is upon you.” (end of prophecy excerpt).  Revelation 11:2 is what stood out to me as being “upon you” Could that mean the 42 months is upon you as of June 2020??

When I first read the “What if” series in the 1980’s, I had the same questions as I heard on your podcast. What about the days and months and years spelled out so clearly in the Bible about the time of the Great Tribulation ?

As I asked the Lord about this, I was impressed that there will be some sort of open declaration worldwide of this great confusion, this great emergency that the world will be in. The AC will have to spill the beans on how the world got into this mess with the times and dates of the start of it all. We then, who know the Lord’s Word. will recognize it as such and will then start counting the days to the Lord’s coming. I still believe that he, the AC, will try to openly get the world to recognize him and worship him as god, and even if they think they are not, they will be saying, “Who is like unto him?”


“The keys of iron will hold back the attacks of the Enemy while you’re prophesying so that you can hear all My Words, even the finer details and the difficult-to-receive messages –so call on their help.”

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