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(Dad:) It takes great faith to believe something that the Lord has said, especially when it goes against your natural reasoning or human nature. But having the faith to obey is what made the way for God to save the lives of Noah and his family, what proved Abraham was worthy of his promised seed, what enabled God’s anointing to fall on Moses to lead his people.

The examples in the Bible of what faith and obedience wrought are endless. Faith and obedience have brought supply and miracles for God’s people all throughout the ages, and those same spiritual principles are in play today. If you obey God, even if by faith alone, whatever kind of miracles you need are guaranteed. That’s a fact! He’ll never fail, if you trust Him and do your part.

See what My Word has to say about such men. These are they who mocked Noah for hearing from Me and for believing in a coming unseen judgment–but the judgment came. These are they of Abraham’s family who did not believe in the promised land, and who were left behind as he went out from among them, not inheriting the promise. These are they who despised Moses in the desert and had no faith in My supply and provision‚ even after all the miracles I had done in their sight‚ and were left to perish in the wilderness. These are they, like the Athenians of old, who spend all their time either to tell or to hear some new thing, and consider those like My servant Paul babblers and tellers of tales (Acts 17:18,21).
There has always been the camp of the children of the physical world who choose to believe in those things which they can see, and the camp of the children of the spirit, the children of faith, who possess “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). The carnal man cannot receive, believe, or even perceive such things of the spirit, precisely because they are spiritually discerned (1Corinthians 2:14).

Yes, My loves‚ I watch you and I am filled with pride and admiration as a result of what you endure for Me. You are making it, you are coming through your own personal tribulation, and you are remaining true. Life is difficult, and you are choosing not to be rescued from it. You are choosing not to make it any easier on yourselves so that you can win the crown that is rightfully yours. So many voices are telling you to stop and telling you to give in‚ but you don’t listen.

Prophecy…June 3, 2023

Can you believe what I’ve said even if you seem to be the only ones? Can you stand up to the flack of the System and their disapproving looks and words?

Prayer: Jesus, no one understands what we are doing and I’m sorry, but sometimes I don’t either. I feel like I’m wasting away. I haven’t really experienced much and I feel like I haven’t done anything to speak of…I feel embarrassed sometimes…It’s a sacrifice that no one understands. Fear eats at me, Jesus. I’m sorry for these doubts and feelings, but they come on me so strongly at times …

Jesus– This is your testing ground, and tested you will be. So you have to fight with your keys and choose to be counted with Me and My prophets. Whom are you trying to please? Or is it that you want to have something to say of your life—not that you just cooked all the days of your life. You want to do something, experience things and learn things…You feel trapped and like you are wasting away in the desert. But you have to remind yourself of the truth and what you are giving your life for. It’s easy to be swept away on the current of your feelings and fears, but I want you to look closer at these things. What kind of accomplishment are you after? Clearly, the kind that pleases the world and your pride and self. You want to have something to show for your life, but you’ll see, My dear, that those things won’t count for anything when you pass into the Millennial Age. And you who feel trapped and held down now but are doing My will, will be the ones with the most freedom then. Those who lived for the fleeting accomplishment here and now, will find themselves the ones who can’t move freely or as they please anymore. They will be in school then, and you, who are being laughed at now, will have all the benefits. It’s your choice, dear. You have to stick it out now and trust Me that you aren’t wasting your life or doing something stupid or crazy. You are hanging on for the eternal. And if that means missing out on some of the “normal” experiences, I promise there will be far greater experiences that you won’t want to be missing out on when this life is over. {End of prophecy}

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“They can’t break me, as long as I know who I am”

Life in the world is a life built on what you can see with your eyes and understand with your mind. Life in My Family is built on that which you cannot see but must believe, that which you cannot understand but must accept. It’s a way of life so contrary, so different from that which your loved ones have chosen to follow, it’s like the difference between the positive and negative print of a photo. Both portray the same picture, but from totally different perspectives. The one seems dark, confusing, unappealing; the other is full of life and color. Are they both real? Yes! But the negative is missing something–it lacks life! So do these who have pulled away from the pillar lack life–the life of God that comes through My Word and My Spirit.

Mystical Bible

The Lamp

  At the Abyss

The year 2026, when Jesus told us in prophecy He would return, is two and a half years away. We stand on His living Word. However, if for some reason He delays and we face the abyss of disappointment, what choice do we have but to pick up His Word, build a bridge of hope eternal across the fiery chasm and march on strong? We will not fall into the darkness of this world as have many that have gone before us. At the Abyss (September 12)

  The Antenna

Yes, the old Antenna still stands, and yes there are those few believers who are holding it to the cliff, lest it fall and be lost in the dark abyss below. This podcast starts with a dream that someone had very recently, which had some remarkable similarities to the MO letter “The Antenna”. The Antenna (September 11)

  Rehab Before Heaven?

We are taught in the MO letter “The Helmet” that salvation cannot be lost. Yet there are those, even of our own brethren, that have turned their hearts away from Jesus and belief in God. They are eternally saved. So will they get to enter the Heavenly City at the Rapture? Or is there another place set aside where they are given an opportunity to find repentance?  Rehab Before Heaven (September 10)


“Were God’s people in the pages of the Bible unthinking and naïve in giving their full faith and obedience to the guidance of the Lord through Moses? (It was those who didn’t who were in trouble!)-Or Noah (same answer!)? How about David or any others of the Lord’s prophets for their times and places? Why should it be any different now? And why should the radicalness and differentness of some of the messages which we are receiving today cause us to waver or doubt, or to proclaim that they are false prophets spewing out a mass of weirdnesses?”       


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