MB: The following Bible study is to help our readers understand why we believe the 10 BRICS+ nations are the 10 Kings of Revelation 17:12. And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. We not only believe these nations are the 10 kings, but we also believe that their allegiance and power is soon to be given to the present leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Most of the material used here is from the writings of David Berg. We hope you enjoy this study and that it helps you to realize how very close we are to seeing the return of Jesus. The links at the bottom of the page lead to several videos we produced in 2020 on this topic.

  The Little Horn  The Little Horn (September 15)


Revelation 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.


  1. “SEVEN HEADS & TEN HORNS, & UPON HIS HORNS TEN CROWNS.”Now this Beast sounds very familiar. Where have ever hear of one like this before? (Revelation 17.) Yes, but we haven’t gotten to that one yet. I mean before, not later! Chronologically or at least in the Scripture, numerically, where has there been a Beast like this before? (The fourth beast in Daniel 7 had ten horns, but he didn’t have so many heads.) Well, there’s one that you’ve heard of before that sounds almost exactly like this one. (In Revelation 12 he has seven heads, but he only has seven crowns.)–Revelation 12, very good, Honey!
  2. IN REVELATION 12 THERE’S A BEAST THAT SOUNDS VERY MUCH LIKE THIS ONE, A GREAT RED DRAGON,just a Chapter before this. In the 3rd verse of the 12th Chapter: “Behold, a great red Dragon having seven heads & ten horns.” Sounds like the same one, doesn’t it? “And seven crowns upon his heads.” Aha, there’s a difference!–Only seven crowns. Something else is different about these crowns. (They’re on his heads.)–Exactly! In this picture of the Dragon, each head has a crown. But in the picture of the Beast, each horn has a crown.

EACH HEAD REPRESENTS A POWER or a different World Empire or Kingdom, obviously all a part of the same Dragon in one case & Beast in the other. But they sure sound a lot alike, they both have seven heads & both have crowns & they are both pretty bad, real monsters!

  1. NOW WE SPECIFICALLY KNOW WHO THIS RED DRAGON IS, because later on it tells us exactly without having to theorize whether it’s Red China or Red Russia or the Antichrist or blah blah blah! 
  1. AND IT TELLS YOU HIS NAME RIGHT HERE IN THIS CHAPTER, exactly, what verse? (Verse 9.) And not only one name, just to make sure you got it straight & right & didn’t misunderstand, it gives you three names! What are those names? (Old Serpent, Devil & Satan.) “That old Serpent called the Devil & Satan”, all the same person. In this case the Red Dragon is Satan or the Devil.  But let’s not dwell too long on the Devil. Anyhow, here he is, not even a half-man hairy stinky old goat, but a seven-headed monster, that’s even worse! And it calls him a dragon, think of that! So he’s got how many names in the 12th Chapter? (Four.) Can you name them again? (Dragon, Serpent, Devil, Satan.) So there should be no mistaking who this guy is here in the 12th Chapter.


  1. AND AS HAS BEEN POINTED OUT BEFORE, APPARENTLY BEHIND THE POWERS & EMPIRES OF THIS WORLD, THERE ARE SATANIC HEADS, Satanic archangels, Satanic rulers, even in some places in the Bible called kings & princes.–The real rulers of those empires & countries who no doubt possess the heads or the kings of that Empire. As we pointed out in a Letter long ago, no doubt every Emperor was demon-possessed by an archangel of Satan who was really running the country in his disguise. (See #961, “Satan–King of Empires!”)  
  2. AND THERE ARE SEVEN, IN THIS CASE. Apparently World powers in God’s Word are divided into seven major ones.
  1. YOU SAY, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN? EGYPT DIDN’T RULE THE WHOLE WORLD! They didn’t even know half the World was around!” But to be considered a World power or an Empire you have to rule other countries besides your own. You have to dominate other lands & other countries besides your own.


  1. SO HOW MANY WORLD EMPIRES DO WE HAVE NOW?–Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece & Rome. That’s only six so far. So that means there’s going to be another great World Empire more powerful than any other that’s ever ruled the World, but in the power of Rome, like Rome, virtually a revival of the old Roman Empire, but it is going to be a new World power. And it’s going to be number seven. So here we have seven heads on this Dragon, (Chapter 12) & because he possesses the Beast, (Chapter 13) the Beast also has seven heads.

MB: And this is where we believe we are right now in world history. Rome came and has now gone. We waiting for the seventh. Well, it is already here, but not too many people have seen it yet. Probably because they don’t believe in the Bible, or their pastor is ignorant of Endtime events, or they have turned their backs on the Words of David… whatever the case, they are suffering from what 2 Thessalonians 2:11 calls strong delusion.

  1. BUT THERE’S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THESE TWO BEASTS, although they both have seven heads, & later on we find they’re both red.–Which is very symbolic & very significant regarding the last days of this World, that it’ll be ruled by a Red Beast. And who is called red today? (The Communists.) The Communist governments of the World are called Reds,

MB: So we have the Red Dragon in Chapter 12 and the Red Beast of Chapter 13


In Revelation 12 the crowns are on the heads, & in Revelation 13 the crowns are on the horns.) Each head on the Dragon has a crown, but the crowns on the Beast are on the horns.

  1. THE 3RD VERSE OF THE 12TH CHAPTER SAYS “SEVEN CROWNS UPON HIS HEADS” & TEN HORNS. But in the 1st Verse of the 13th Chapter, each horn has a crown. There’s a difference.–Why? We find out from the 17th Chapter later on that all of the horns are on the 7th head, & they symbolize the final ten kings or World powers who cooperate with the Beast 

MB: And this what we believe this BRICS thing is all about.

  1. “AND UPON HIS HEADS THE NAME OF BLASPHEMY”–what do you suppose this name of blasphemy is? What is blasphemy? They blast God, that’s about what it means. This Beast is going to blast God! He’s going to try to blast God off the Earth & even try to blast Him out of Heaven! Isn’t that ridiculous?

SO THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT IN THIS RED BEAST THE CROWNS ARE UPON EACH HORN. Now why do you suppose each head had a crown on the Devil beast? Each one was a great World power, therefore symbolized by a crown on its head, meaning that it ruled, it was king of the World in its day. However, in this last one, the crowns are on the horns, indicating that these last ten kings or powers are going to be kings of nations, all of them kings of nations in a sense, in the very last days under the Antichrist on the last head.

MB: A head represents a world power, and a horn represents a nation.

And blasphemy, blasting God, is about as easy a way to explain it to you without going into too much technical detail.–Speaking against God, in other words. Now here’s a very interesting thing in the 2nd Verse.

MB: Now this next section will help you to understand where we get this idea of how the 10 BRICS nations are formed.


  1. (VERSE 2:) “THE BEAST WHICH I SAW WAS LIKE UNTO A LEOPARD, & HIS FEET WERE AS THE FEET OF A BEAR, & HIS MOUTH AS THE MOUTH OF A LION.”Have you heard about these three beasts in prophecy before? Where? (In Daniel 7.) In Daniel 7 there came up a lion & that was Babylon, then there came up a bear, Medo-Persia, & after the bear came up a leopard, which was Greece. So what does this mean, if this Beast is part lion, part bear & part leopard? (He’s part of all those kingdoms.)–Exactly, or those kingdoms are all a part of this final great World Empire. God is literally painting a picture for the Prophet here to show that this final empire is going to be part of all of these Empires.

So why doesn’t it say it’s part of that beast too?

Because this Beast in Revelation 13 is specifically about that certain beast.) Yes, exactly! Because this Beast is the revival of the Roman Empire! 

MB: The seventh, final empire is a revival of the sixth Roman beast (or head).

I can’t prove that to you from this Chapter, but when we get to the 17th Chapter it’s very clear. And that’s one of the secrets of the interpretation of that 17th Chapter. We haven’t gotten there yet, And these ten kings, these ten horns with ten crowns are what ten nations, nations of what part of the World? (Europe.) 

Continued tomorrow

  The Little Horn

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