Obstacon the fox


  1. (Jesus speaking:) The Children of David must fight, resist, and bind the powers of Obstacon! This one stands in the way of My truth being absorbed. He stands in the way of My Words being applied. Obstacon must be removed. You must resist him, and face him down in the power of the keys. He must be stopped; there is no time to waste. This kind goes not out but by prayer and fasting. You must unite your forces to fell him in the power of the keys.
  2. Crafty and wise, subtle and sly is Obstacon. He will use any and all means to stand in the way of My Words being absorbed and applied. “Good intentions” are among the chief means he uses. He seeks to take good intentions and good works and twist and use them to seduce My COD into filling their time with good things, but not the best thing. He is a master at mixing up priorities, therefore ensuring that first things do not get put first.
  3. He is cunningly sly. He is sharp and clever, satanically canny. He slips in unaware; he is slick and quick to change tactics. When he sees that one means is not working well, he’ll quickly change his strategy. He is skilled at staying a step ahead and pulling another obstacle out of his bag of many devices to obstruct My Words from being absorbed and applied.                                                                                                                                                                             Prophecy: Obstacon has been trying for a long time to stop you from reading My Words, the Words of David. His attempts have failed. Lately he has switched his tactic and is now attacking your prophecy channel. He knows as well as I that your channel to Me is the way into the future. If he can’t stop you from asking Me everything, he will try to hinder or downplay the importance of this deadly Endtime weapon. He will tell you that your channel is not good enough, that it is tainted. He will tell you anything he can in an attempt to get your mind on another track, a track that does not include hearing from Me every day. He will continue to lie to you until you either swallow one of the lies or wake up and realize that someone is attacking your oil pipeline in order that your city on the hill be cut off from its essential energy. As I said, he has come to realize that he can’t get you off the path of daily Word input, so he has cunningly switched lines. The line runs parallel to the line of daily input, but now he has been playing with your pride. Pride wants things to be perfect;  it wants to understand all things, to be all knowing. It doesn’t like to take life by faith. It wants to have all the answers. So he uses your own pride to attack your prophecy pipeline by picking it apart, loosening a bolt here or eating away at it there, just like rust eats away at a wielded joint. Of course, your prophecy channel will never be perfect, because in the earth life you see through a glass darkly, but if you practice every day and apply the Keys to those rust spots of Obstacon, your pipeline will be kept in good order. (end of prophecy)
  4. Obstacon is a master of obstacles, of all that obstructs My children from absorbing and living My Words. From this he derives his name, Obstacon. (Obstacle–Obstacon. An obstacle is something that stands in the way; it opposes and hinders progress. Change the last two letters “le” to “on” and you have the “con,” also denoting opposition.) Obstacon is one who is against you. He desires to stand in the way of your progress, to deny the truth, to work through anything and everything to oppose you. Obstacon makes use of every obstacle that would stand in the way of My COD absorbing My Words. He knows if he can stand in the way of you absorbing My Words, you will consequently be unable to apply My Words.
  5. His craftiness and power are no match for the keys; therefore, My children must fight in the power of the keys to fell Obstacon and his underlings. As you unite to fast and pray, you must rebuke and bind his power. Call on the keys of deliverance from Obstacon, and I will free you from his grip, so that the Word revolution can ignite and burn forever in your hearts. Claim the following keys promises and I will answer:

  In the power of the keys of the Kingdom, I will remove all obstacles that obstruct the absorption of My Word.


  The keys are quick and sharp, far more powerful than the dark forces that oppose My Word. Call on the keys for strength and fruitful feeding times in My Word.


  Through calling on the keys, you can fell and overpower Obstacon, Oplexicon, Arakan, Apotheon, Pan, Lethargy, and all the demons who oppose My Word.


  As you call on the keys of imprisonment, I will lock the doors and bind the power of Obstacon and all those who obstruct the flow of My Word in your hearts, minds, and spirits. The keys of the Kingdom bind all the power of the Evil One.

(End of message from Jesus.)

  1. (Jesus speaking:) When I ask you to call on the keys of imprisonment, this has a dual meaning. Some of these lesser demons can indeed be cast out and bound elsewhere, whether it be in the depths of the sea or the heart of the earth, where many are prisoners already. For others, when you use the keys of imprisonment, you lock the doors around yourself or around others, so that demons cannot enter to harass you and hinder your work. In a manner of speaking, you imprison yourself in a force field which is impenetrable to the attacks of these evil ones, or erect an invisible wall in front of them when they would come toward you. It is much like you act out in your box skits, where the unwary person bumps into an invisible wall when he goes the wrong way. Thus it is with unwary demons who would come your way when you are protected by these keys–they run smack into an invisible wall, or a very visible fireball, if need be! (End of message from Jesus.)

A Gigantic Roadblock

  1. (Jesus speaking:) Obstacon is at times like a gigantic roadblock in front of you. He attempts to put huge stops in your way, yet this is only one of many strategies he employs.
  1. (Vision:) I see this grotesque, obese creature. He is disgusting, with rolls and rolls of blubber that look like they fall in layers down his body. He is so fat, I can’t see if he’s sitting on a chair or if he’s on a platform of some kind, but he is sitting. It’s interesting, because he’s sitting in a Buddha type position, and you’d think he couldn’t sit like that being so fat. He has very little clothing on; it seems he’s wearing a loincloth or something similar. He’s enormous, grotesquely fat.
  2. The worst part of this picture is his face. He looks like he’s drooling, it’s disgusting! It’s like he’s licking his chops and drooling all over the place in a lustful, piggish way, as if he’d like his next meal to be me. He’s bald, and has about 20 necklaces on, all different lengths, covering his chest. It appears to be something like cheap costume jewelry–all fake.
  3. (Jesus speaking:) Even when you peer deep into the spirit, things are not always as meets the eye. This is only one side of the nature of Obstacon. Ask, and I will show you more.
  4. (Channel:)Yes, dear Love, please explain more. Please give me faith. I call on the power of the keys to receive all that You want to give!
  5. (Jesus continues:)Obstacon shows his ugly self to you, yet this picture is only one of his many faces. He has shown this face, both because he wants to repulse you and because he hopes that this will be sufficient to satisfy your curiosity. He wants to tempt you to stop here, to close your eyes of the spirit, being so repulsed by this image, hoping you will ask Me to erase this gross picture from your mind, and hoping you will not ask Me to know more. He wants to sicken you, so you do not seek Me further and ask for the full explanation, the full revelation of his nature. He does not want full exposure.
  6. Obstacon has the ability to take on as many forms as the obstacles he maneuvers in his attempt to obstruct, to slow down, or to halt his victims altogether.
  7. You are now seeing him as if he were immovable, a huge mountain, an obstruction of mammoth proportions, too big for you to even think of moving. He appears as one of such giant proportions that he cannot be moved because of his sheer weight and size and his disgusting manner. And so he is to those who do not call his bluff, to those who do not exercise the power I give, to those who are not full of My Word, who do not call on the power of the keys and then proceed in obedience. There are many who would be scared off; when such a huge obstacle presents itself, they are content to call it quits, to give up, to not even try to get around it, to accept the supposed impossibility.
  8. There is no need to fear this beastly blob, for at the mention of My Name, and as you call on the keys of the Kingdom, he must vanish! He will dissipate, for the keys and I are one. There is power in My Name and the keys of the Kingdom, and as you tap into this power in faith and confidence, all obstacles that this evil one tries to put in your way will fade into oblivion. He is bound by the laws of the spirit to make way when you call on the keys, in My Name. But then you must proceed in obedience to complete the victory, to claim the land in the spirit, or else he can come right back and block your way again.
  9. But I ask you to use wisdom concerning the devices of Obstacon, for his strategies are more complex than meets the eye. The obvious, the huge mountains, the too-hard-to-miss impossibilities do require faith to surmount, yet because they are so obvious, you can see them more easily, and you who have faith can call on My help. It is not always the most obvious of giant obstacles that stand before you that present the greatest threat.
  10. Obstacon does tempt you with the obvious, the huge mountains, the gigantic barriers, and you must fight to overcome these. Yet you must also keep in mind that Obstacon is crafty and wise, subtle and sly. He is slick and quick and slips in unaware. It is this part of his nature I warn you of now. I pull back the veil and show you this side of Obstacon. (End of message from Jesus.)

Prophecy: Pan often works together with Obstacon to defeat or hinder My children. Pan will manipulate your mind into thinking that your channel is not as it could be. He will get you to compare with others, yet this is only one tactic he will use in his attempt to try and stop or hinder the flow. You have to realize very quickly that any negative thought about My Word, whether it is against the written or living Word, is an attack by your enemies. Again, I warn you, it is your pride that is being manipulated. To put on My mind, to mind meld with Me, to take on My spirit, you have to put down pride, for I am meek and lowly of heart and mind. So put on the mind of humility. You are merely a channel, a pipe, nothing else. I am your source of oil, and to keep that oil flowing you must simply keep that pipeline clean through using the Keys.

Watch out for part 2 tomorrow

“The Words of David are contrary to the ways of the flesh. They often make you look simple and uneducated, unaware of the ways of the world and how it works and how to make your way in the world, how to be a success and have good standing with those you try to impress in order to make your way into their societies.

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