pearls b4 swine


  1. (Vision:) I see an exceptionally handsome man. He seems to be about in his 40’s. He looks very fit, and he’s well groomed, impeccably dressed, carries himself well, and seems to have an air about him, as if he’s royalty or a diplomat of some kind. He’s standing with a small group of people who are gathered around him chatting, and he seems to be the center of attention. He’s the one talking, and everyone is quite taken by this man. He definitely has charisma. They all look very interested in whatever he’s saying–he has a captive audience. He’s quite charming. I’d describe him as debonair–suave, polite, and refined.
  2. Something just happened and he turned toward me. I’m looking on from the corner of the room and the impression I have is that he suddenly became aware of my presence. I sense another presence; I think it’s a spirit helper, who has been sent to help reveal something to me. She looks like a fairy. She tapped this man on the shoulder, she called his attention to me, and he turned in response to the tap on the shoulder and now he’s looking straight at me. He’s staring me right in the eye, but he’s no longer the handsome man I thought he was.
  3. He is the same man, but only half of him is the same. He’s split right down the middle, and half of his face is the same handsome man and the other half of his face has changed into a fox! Half of his head is now a fox’s head and half of his body has turned to fur, like a fox. He still looks like a man, dressed impeccably and standing upright, but half his body, underneath his clothing, is fur like a fox. He’s split right down the middle. He has half the face of a man and half the face of a fox, and he’s staring me straight in the eyes and his countenance is now very stern and evil looking.
  4. He’s very serious now, like he wants to outstare me. He’s peering deeply into my eyes, and now his former charming aura has become obstinate. When he became aware of my presence, the impression I got is that he knows that I know who he is, and he changed from his earlier charming manner into his hard, cold nature. He is peering intently into my eyes, like nothing in the world can budge him.
  1. (Spirit helper speaking:) Call his bluff! His power is no match for what you possess. He is no match for the children of David who hold the power of the keys. Call the name “Jesus!” Say the words, “I call on the keys,” and watch him vanish. Go ahead, rebuke him with the power of the keys, and he will turn tail and run. Call his bluff, for this one greatly fears the keys. Go ahead, show him who’s boss! (End of message from spirit helper.)
  1. (Channel:) I instantly called on the keys, and in a flash he disappeared! He’s gone.
  1. (Jesus speaking:) Now you understand more clearly the nature of Obstacon. He is cunning, wise, and crafty. He is clever, sly as a fox, devious and misleading. There are many sides to his nature. Though he is the obese giant you first viewed, and one who puts mountains before you that must be hurdled, he is also out to stop you through more refined and subtle means. He is suave. He uses his many charms to obstruct your way, and he is clever and sharp as a fox.
  2. Beware of his strategies, for they are many. He offers that which is pleasing to the eye, appealing and logical to the carnal mind, satisfying to the heart of flesh. He seeks to seduce you with good things, good intentions, offers that are attractive, that look good; yet though good they may be, they are not the best. He tempts with good things, but not the best things, for they keep you from absorbing and applying My Words.
  3. That is the significance of the many necklaces of costume jewelry that cover this evil one’s chest.He offers good things, of some worth, but not the “real deal,” not the greatest treasures that can never be taken from you. He tries to get you distracted with your own accomplishments and looking good in the eyes of others through your supposed efficiency and great works of the flesh. But these are nothing compared with what is accomplished through My Spirit when you depend on and obey My Word. What I can do through you is as precious jewels compared to the cut glass and tin of your own works, the distractions of even good things or pretty things or things that make you look good in the eyes of others, but that take the place of or usurp My Word!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Prophecy: The Words of David are contrary to the ways of the flesh. They often make you look simple and uneducated, unaware of the ways of the world and how it works and how to make your way in the world, how to be a success and have good standing with those you try to impress in order to make your way into their societies. Your intentions may have been to present them with the Words of David, but the Words of David are not presentable to many people, especially those that are part of the world. To impress church people, you have to put down the Words of David, to impress those in the world of NGO’s and CTP ministries, you have to put down the Words of David. Yes, you should be wise in your presentation of the Words of David; you do not want to throw your pearls before swine. But you must also ask yourself why you are in the swine pit in the first place. Was My house not enough for you? Yes indeed, the house of David is not as other houses. Yet why have you gone off in search of a life in the swine pit in order to look good in the eyes of those in the pit? Come out of her and touch not that unclean thing. Separate yourselves and stand with Me for I am despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: do not hide as it were your faces from Me. The Words of David are My Words. They are My Words for this adulterous and wicked generation. Return to your father’s house, for it is My house, and David is My prophet for this age. Cast off the cheap costume jewelry of this world and count yourself as one of David’s mighty men. For those that follow the ways of this world in preference to the Words of David will be judged along with this world. “Behold, I am against thee, and will draw forth my sword out of his sheath, and will cut off from thee the righteous and the wicked. The time draws near and is now upon you when all in the world will be numbered; those who count themselves great or small, rich or poor, free or bond. Have you forsaken the Words of David to count yourselves as one of those for the slaughter? A sword, a sword is sharpened, and also furbished: It is sharpened to make a sore slaughter; it is furbished that it may glitter: should we then make mirth? it contemneth* the rod of my son, as every tree. And he hath given it to be furbished, that it may be handled: this sword is sharpened, and it is furbished, to give it into the hand of the slayer. Return O thou backslidden daughter, return now to thy fathers house, for the slayer has gone out. (Ezekiel 21) ” (end of prophecy)

*to view or treat with contempt : scorn. contemner

  1.  The obstacles in this evil one’s bag are many–some obvious to those who know My ways, others not so obvious. Obstacon is sly as a fox! He is slick and swift to adapt, to change his strategy at a moment’s notice.
  2. But this one is also a fool, for he thinks he can outwit My children through his craft and charms. His power is no match for the keys. His power is nothing to Me. He is no match for those who live in My Word, who depend on Me, who hold the keys before his face and call his bluff. (End of message from Jesus.)

If You’re Strong in the Word, You’re Safe from His Attacks!

  1. (Jesus speaking:) My Children of David, you must live in the Word. You must absorb and apply My Words. You must let My Words live in you–this is your survival in these days. You have nothing to fear, but give Me praise, for everything that I have spoken to you regarding the Last Days will be fulfilled, as you live in closeness to Me.
  2. I ask you, dear loves, to begin this new Word revolution with fasting and prayer,for it is through prayer and fasting that Obstacon, and all those who sit in council together against you, will be defeated. Through prayer and fasting and calling on the keys, all the power of Heaven is at your command. (End of message from Jesus.)

Live in the Word!

  1. (Jesus speaking:) I have shown you to live in the Word. I have called for a Word revolution in your lives. This is the most important thing you can and should do. This is both the most important offense and the most important defense you can have. It is through living in My Word and letting Me live through you that you will overcome the ploys and devices of these evil ones who oppose My truth, so you can stand strong and be counted in the Last Days.
  2. This is the most important thing you can know, and the most vital course of action you can take against all who oppose you.Call on the keys for power to live in the Word and to read, absorb, and apply all that I give you–for this is your safety, defense, assurance, and survival.
  3. Living in the Word is part of drawing nigh to Me, dear ones, and this is one of your greatest protections against the attacks of the Evil One or of evildoers. It assures your survival in the days to come, it keeps you safe from all evil, and you are greatly empowered both to defeat the Enemy and to win others to Me.
  4. These emissaries of Satan whom I have revealed to you have various portfolios and jurisdictions, but their tactics and efforts overlap at times.They have times when they counsel together on how they can join forces to fight the truth. Even so now they have joined forces in the spirit to try to defeat you, My Endtime brides.
  5. This is why you must live in the Word! This is why you must have a revolution! This is why you must develop lasting, lifelong Word habits. It is only by living in the Word that you will stay ahead of these who want to bring you down. (End of message from Jesus.)

Prophecy: You are weak in faith because you are weak in My Word, the Words of David. It is a stretch, but it is not too late to reach for this goal. The days ahead will be dark indeed. I have already given those of My warrior band hints of what is just ahead. I am not talking years. I am saying now that these days are upon thee. Do not despise these Words, for they are My New Wine for today, for the days ahead, for the very next step. It will be required by the system to make your choice, therefore I am warning all those who listen, and who count these Words as the new Words of David. I bring out the rod of My Word before the sword, take the rod and come in under the Words of David and save yourselves. “Because it is a trial, and what if the sword contemn even the rod? it shall be no more, saith the Lord GOD.”

Go thee one way or other, either on the right hand, or on the left, whithersoever thy face is set.” Those that choose Me and My Word, the right way, will I lift up above thy brethren in the world. I will keep thee as doth a hen keep her chicks. I will be with thee in tribulation and I will keep thee in the hour of thy tribulation. Do not fear, but allow My Words to seep into your hearts, for I am with thee to deliver thee in this hour of great affliction that is now upon the world. Come now, thou beloved of thy father David, for he has found great pleasure in thee, for he sees in you the fulfillment of all the promises I gave him.” (end of prophecy)

Watch out for part 3 tomorrow

“The archenemy of Obstacon is the Word. It is his defeat, his nemesis. He fights it, but he knows that he is no match for it. When one of My children is determined to persevere in their Word-time habits and absorbing and applying the Word, Obstacon is hopelessly defeated.”


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