Prayer battle line


“Yes, I want you, My bride, by My side in the battle line. That’s what you do when you pray; you take your place in the war of the spirit. I have My angels and spirit helpers, and we are lined up to engage the enemy. But then when you pray, you step into the lineup wielding those weapons which are “not carnal, but mighty through God”

I am so happy to have you, My earthly brides, come and join the fray. I know what it costs you. I know that you have to take a lot by faith. I know how the flesh drags and pulls you back to your own realm. I know how the thoughts come and go and run around in your mind trying to drag your focus away from prayer and away from really focusing on that situation you or someone else is bringing before Me. I also know how it can really seem like you aren’t doing anything. It can even seem kind of boring, especially for the younger ones, to be praying for all these things. So when I see one of My earthly brides step up and come stand in the spiritual battle line and take out that weapon and start attacking the enemy, I really appreciate it. My heart warms. I reach out to you in spirit, I smell your sweet prayers. I feel the spiritual effort it has cost you and I do pay you back. Besides the big hole in the enemy’s line up and the defeat to some of his plans, there are spiritual blessings for you too, even if you can’t see them or feel them.  So My darling sweethearts, please come; come join the battle. Come and you will partake of the victory. I know that your joy will be so full. Even if seems like nothing now and you can’t really see the results for most of your prayers, know that it will be worth it all. I love you. “

Submitted by Maria

“You have to go to a different plane, a different dimension to fight. When you stay too close to the carnal plane, the enemy has all the advantage. But when you can let go of the mind …just a bit… and step up, then your spirit gains strength. You start to draw on that heavenly elixir. The blue key power flows into your spiritual veins. When you step away from your mind, you leave behind some of your own will.”


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