Jesus saves


“It’s an attack and it’s a blow, but it’s not as serious or insidious as some of the battles that some of these guys are already facing. They fight the battle of boredom or discontentment or dissatisfaction or depression or any of these things that the enemy is throwing at them. But that’s the trouble, they aren’t really fighting. They are allowing the enemy to beat on them. They make a little effort and then when the pain of the trial doesn’t immediately go away, they say that the keys don’t work. Fight for God’s sake!

The attacks are coming hot and heavy… what are you going to do about it? Keep dragging along? Is it the adults job to lead the charge alone? Do they have to carry you along? Or are you joining them on the front line proclaiming that the keys work and Jesus is with us and we are fighting a pivotal battle that requires all of our thought, focus and effort? Where are the fighters? Like Dad said.. Where are those willing to die daily? What about all that Word you have been given? Do you believe it? Do you put it into practice? Oh ..but it’s hard. How in Heaven’s name can you get strong if you don’t lift the weights? How can you be used to minister to anyone if you haven’t gone down to the depths and found out that Jesus is enough? But the thing is, you aren’t supposed to stay down there in the depths like some of you are doing. You are supposed to show some fight, some spunk. Even people that don’t believe in Me have more fight in them to keep fighting and going on when things are rough, even when they are just fighting for some worldly fleshly cause. What about you that have all the hope in the world? It has all been spelled out for you. You have been told the true value of each and every battle you fight, each and every day that you get up and go to the kitchen to cook, or to the field to weed. You have been told the value of your sincere praise. You have been told to pray, to use the weapons. Yes, you have to follow by faith. Is that too much to ask? You have to keep getting up week after week and doing the same jobs. You want something to happen. Don’t worry, something will happen. You are in the Endtime after all. Then you’ll be thankful for the days of peace and boredom. But the thing is, if you didn’t use those days to build your faith, then you won’t be much of a help to anyone in the days that are more difficult. It’s up to you; you have been given the Word. You’ve been given the weapons. You have even been given the specific battles that were tailor-made just for you, to teach you what you need to learn and to help you learn to use the spiritual weapons, but if you want to drag along, no one can stop you or really force you to get in there and fight.”


“Call on the keys of spiritual sensitivity and receptivity, and My nudges and checks and reminders of the spirit will become stronger and more noticeable to you and will help you make a habit of “asking Me everything.”


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