USED river stone


“You are in the wilderness now, and the attacks will intensify. This is a special place, and here in the isolation, here in this dimension, you are more aware of the spirit world. In a way, you have more access to it and the spirit has more access to you, and so the mind battles will begin. They aren’t really beginning, but they will intensify. They will begin on a new level. You have stepped over the threshold and there is no turning back. You said you wanted it. You followed along and here you are. Each one must be tested and tried. And no one else can enter the arena of your mind to help you, no one in the physical that is. Only I and My helpers can come into your heart and speak to you the Words of Life. You have to listen to us. You have to turn your heavenly channel on and tune in. That is your lifesaver; that is your salvation. The enemy has no scruples. He will hit you below the belt; he will find your most tender sensitive spot and suddenly your emotions have overwhelmed you. You feel lost, alone and forsaken and like it’s all too much. It seems like it’s only the Devil that cares that you even get a bit of bread …. At least he had the heart to act concerned and ask you…. “Why don’t you turn one of these stones into bread?” or “Why doesn’t your God, Lord and Husband give you some bread at least? Why doesn’t He give you what you need? Why does He leave you feeling so lost and in pain? Why doesn’t he give you peace?” The fact of the matter is that there is peace. There is bread; there is spiritual food that will make you never feel hungry or thirsty again. But this bread comes at a high price; it comes along the path of forsaking. Here in this wilderness place you will get down to the core. All that was giving you comfort and security before will not be able to stand the test. You will find the core of your faith and there make your stand.”

Part 2… later on

“It’s like the young people had to do just this week when their brother decided to leave. They had to get down to the core and ask themselves: “Why am I here?” The result was a beautiful show of faith and trust in Me and My Word. It’s the Word; the seed has been planted in good ground and you are seeing the results: the good grain of love for Me and of trust in Me. They are saying that even though they can’t see anything and things look so “boring” (just about the worst word in the vocabulary of a young person) and pointless, they will stay and they will stick it out because they believe Me and they believe the Word. They are taking their stand with the heroes of faith and “looking for a city that hath foundations”. It’s beautiful and it’s a miracle and it touches My heart to see their love and their simple trust and faith in Me and most of all in My Word. It’s a stand of faith. None of you can “see” anything. You can’t even see that you are witnessing or accomplishing My work. You can only take it by faith that you are doing what I want even if it seems pointless, and that at the end, I will reward you, My sweet loves. Do you remember that I said: “Blessed are they that have not seen, yet have believed?” This is where you are and you are “blessed” indeed. And don’t worry, you will “see”. The miracles will be there and you will not be able to deny that I am with you as I keep you through the days that are coming.”

  Happiness cannot be measured by how you feel, how life seems to be treating you, or how buffeted you may be. Happiness is found and activated through the keys, through believing that their power will sustain you through the stormy weather.

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