USED cutting it down to size


“Are you believing, and thus receiving? Or are you waiting to receive so that you can believe? It is your faith that pleases Me. It is your faith, the fact that you believe, that you stand upon My Word, that draws down the blessings that I have for you. The blessings come no other way, for you must believe in order to receive. I ask you to prove Me, to try Me, to test Me! I ask you to stand upon My Word, nothing wavering, believing in the unseen, and thus will you receive and your faith will be increased. You will see that he that puts My Word to the test is he that receives the blessings from My hand. He that stands upon My Words, upon all that I have spoken, he it is who receives My blessing, he it is who sees miracles, he it is who sees the working of My Spirit and who rejoices to see My hand move upon his life.

Day by day, bit by bit, by calling on Me and the power of the keys, and receiving My Words, you’re exploding spiritual dynamite, which is blowing holes in the mountains of difficulties and weaknesses in your life. Every time you call on Me, every time you come to Me earnestly, setting your own will aside and desiring Mine, you are detonating powerful ammunition which blasts the work of the Enemy. He can never refill those holes as quickly as you’re blowing them up; and in time, the mountains will be seen again for what they truly are–just little molehills.”

USED moving faith

your faith can remove mountains

cut reality down to size

Their seeming like such big mountains is just in your mind and a matter of perception in the first place. Once you realize how much of the difficulty and battle is because of the Enemy’s lies and lying vanities, the mountains get cut down to size, and you understand that they’re not as difficult to get rid of as you thought.


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