the golden key of faith



“Do you believe that I love you? Do you have faith in My Love, in My care, in My provision, and in My protection? Do you believe that, as a most loving and caring and doting Husband, I would not leave My wife comfortless, without the utmost care, without her needs met, without guidance and direction, without the solutions to her problems, the grace for every situation?”



“Faith is active. There is nothing passive about faith. Faith is doing! So even if you are tempted with worries or fears, if you are active in your fight against the Enemy and in your desire to hold on to your faith and apply your faith, then your faith will stand and I will come through for you.

You can’t keep the birds of fear and worry and doubt from flying over your head, but you need to keep them from building a nest in your hair. You need to fight against those worries and attacks of the Enemy becoming a part of your attitude and mindset. It’s a fight to hold on to faith, but it’s worth every minute of the battle.

In addition to this self-test, you can always ask Me if you aren’t sure whether or not you have the faith for something. You can’t go by your feelings, because they aren’t a correct gauge of your faith. You can, however‚ go by what I tell you. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you have faith. Most men and women with strong faith don’t have strong feelings. If I tell you that you have faith, then that’s the fact you should hold on to.If you’re about to take a leap of faith, and you think you may have the faith, as you’re trusting Me and counting on Me and you believe that I can come through for you–but you’re still not quite sure if your faith is strong enough or adequate enough–ask Me. I’ll show you where your faith lies, and if it’s not quite centered, I’ll show you just what to do so that you can have the full measure of faith that is needed.”


But the key is faith–faith in My Love, faith in My promises, faith to obey in spite of the odds, in spite of overwhelming obstacles and seemingly impossible situations. For this is the proof of My Bride’s love–her faith in Me, her faith in My Words, and her faith in My power to fulfill them. Her great love for Me is manifest in her faith–the golden key of faith



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