Bell Book Candle


Prophecy, August 27, 2023…5:02am

“Yes, you did (immediately after asking Jesus what to call this prophecy I heard a distant thud somewhere in the house) That is a reminder to you that the huge bars that are running through the barrier are beginning to unlock. “I saw a huge lock–resembling a combination lock–in a circular star with many points. I visually penetrated the barrier to see huge bars running through the entire barrier holding it together. I saw the lock turning only slightly, as if it were being moved into the right position to expose a circular-shaped keyhole or opening. I heard the giant clunk as each point of the star was locked into place. Then I saw out of the corner of the picture someone unlocking a smaller lock with a golden key. As they did this, the giant lock moved again, pounding into place with a heavy thump, almost as if it were on a countdown sequence.” (Assembling the Final Key)

The final sequence is underway. Everyone and every situation is locked in place for the “Final Act”. I just received a quote from the MO letter “Bell, Book and Candle”. “O JESUS, LORD JESUS!–THE BOOK IS CLOSED, THE LIGHT IS GONE, AND HE’S LEFT IN DARKNESS! The bell ceases to toll, and he’s left in silence! He no longer hears the voice of God–like the voice of conscience ringing–tolling out the time like a funeral dirge. The book is like life’s record, and the candle the light of life and love.”

The Lord rewards you according to how obedient you are to what He’s told you in the Letters, and to the counsel that He’s given you directly through prophecy. (ML 3452:253)

Prophecy continues; The time has come to close the book and blow out the candle on this era. The River of My Will has begun to return to its source. It is taking with it all those that have decided for Me. And all those that have not will begin their downward spiral as the pull of the current of My will weakens and they turn back to the darkness.  There must be a closing, an ending, a time when the book of life is closed on this period. The bell will soon cease its tolling and the lights will go out on this last era of man’s rule on earth. When the candle is extinguished, a very great darkness will fall upon this world. I have called and called. With pen in hand have I waited, pleading, but now the time has come for My spirit to return to the Father with all those that have chosen the light. The light is about to go out on this world as day’s end comes. Yet in My love and everlasting mercy will I leave My  candle on a bushel at the way out. Pray for these that are left in darkness. Pray that they may see the light of My candle and make their way to its light. For gross darkness has come upon the world and its people (Isaiah 60:2)

“Toll the bell, close the book and quench the candle!”

After finishing this prophecy, I went to our YouTube channel and the views on “In Sight of the Stadium” were 1,666 and the views on Revelation 21 were 13, 666.

  “There is nothing more important to your life and service to Me than taking time with Me. Claim the power of the keys of resolve and urgency as you read, absorb, and study My Word. Your spiritual life depends on it.”


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