Faithful to the WOD


Dear MB team, just jotting a quick thot while dinner is cooking and I was listening to “Hail Caesar” podcast. also in:

I have thought before about David, the Endtime prophet.  Was it because of our faith, and his too, that “he was it” and “we were it”? Mama had the faith –that he was to speak the Lord’s Words. And she was willing to be the ready pen that the Lord could work through. He then did step up to the plate and so did we all. Mama played a huge role in having faith for him to be that prophet. And so it happened. But what if we didn’t believe and didn’t go into all the world? What if Mama didn’t believe the Lord was speaking through him, and if he didn’t believe he was to be the one to head up the David troops on earth? Then it wouldn’t have happened.

And so I was thinking about Putin and the 10 horns on the stage…if we don’t believe and we keep going on, will we just keep going in for another round? Or do we want to end this Endtime play and get Jesus coming soon? If so, then we will believe the Lord could use him to be the AC and the 10 BRICS kings, and we will pray for it to be so, for them to step up and play their role and get this thing going and ending.

We’ll pray for the AC to be possessed and for the kingdoms to do their part with him, and get it over with. It seems so lined up and could be the final scene on the stage. It’s a radical thought to pray for them to do their dirty work and do it quickly. Oh, I just thought of that verse when Jesus says to Judas “What thou doest do quickly!” He gave the order for the Devil to do his last stroke and end the play, so the new one, with the resurrected Jesus and salvation for all could begin. If we believe Putin and that gang could be who they look like, then according to our faith and prayers of faith for them to do what scripture says they are to do, it will be done. Just a thought… maybe Jesus will talk to you about it.

Love you all. This is exciting. –Kaye

The following quotes are from “Prayer Drive 2007”. The prophecies are from MB.

My loves, I have a greater need than you do to see your prayers fulfilled. I am the One most concerned in the entire universe about My plans being fulfilled. Whatever you ask for, you can know that I have been waiting for that situation to be resolved longer than you have. And your prayer, if prayed with the right amount of faith and desperation, will be the final stroke that releases Me to work.

Do you know why you’ll have so much power in Heaven? It won’t be just because you will have so many new abilities, but it will be because your mind will finally have enough proof to believe that I can empower you to do so much more than you are personally capable of–and then you’ll finally take Me up on that power! But this power can be available here and now to the man or woman of faith who can push past the boundaries of their carnal mind and truly take Me at My word.

MB: The thing is, the Word is written. The Antichrist is to come. Jesus Christ is to return and destroy him. That is written. All the other little details are not written in the Word, are they? We know certain points; we know certain solid Endtime points. There’s going to be Armageddon; there’s going to be a rapture, right? But all those other little points are not there yet. But why? –You’ve got to start to asking why. It’s because this scenario, this happening is about man and our choices in this matter. (end of comment)

Prayer is like a bar of soap. Its potential to do what it’s designed to do is there. But you have to unlock that potential by wetting that soap with your belief in its power. Then those suds will go to work for you!

Make today the first day in a new campaign to never utter a prayer unless you mean it with all your heart. A prayer isn’t worth praying unless it is backed by a fervent desire to see it realized.

Prayer creates a strong connection between the need and the answer. You become like the heavy-duty cable between a crane and a heavy object. You complete the connection between My power and the need. The strength of the cable is determined by the strength of your prayers, and your determination to see the prayer answered.

September 3, 2023…Prophecy: I know you have heard this so many times, but I’m going to say it yet again because, plain and simple, this is the way it is. If you were on this side of the spiritual veil, you would clearly see the need for desperate, fervent prayer right now at this crucial point in history. Now is the time to press the green “to go” button. All the prayers of all saints throughout history have brought you and the world to this point. Everything is indeed in place and now it’s time to press home the Final Key. I don’t know how else to say this, but all the essential ingredients are in the bowl, all the tumblers have fallen into place, the chronological arrangement of each tumbler is aligned and now all it takes is for you, the Children of David or anyone that cares enough, to turn the key to unlock the massive barrier between this present era and the next.

And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. (Revelation 8:3)

Prophecy continues: From this side of the veil, we see it so clearly. Please take it by faith. Please believe that this is the hour of your greatest destiny. You have the advantage; you have the Keys. It is your destiny. If you don’t pray now, something may change. It only takes one tumbler to slide out of place, and the key will jam. Now is the time. The mighty power of God’s omnipotence runs on infinitesimally small cogs –a decision to believe what you are hearing and seeing is what we are seeing. In other words, we are telling you what we are seeing from this side of the veil, and it is up to you to believe that what we are telling you is real and true. What are we seeing? We are seeing world events happening that line up with what has been said in the Bible and the Words of David. Putin is there, BRICS is there, digitilization, wars, violence, pestilence, vaccines; we see it all. (MB: Are we blind? No, our spirit helpers are saying they are seeing it and they want us to see it.) Please see that the Key of David has been inserted; the Key of Maria has been inserted. The different keys of revolution that the Children of David have passed through have all been inserted. The Reboot key has been inserted, not to mention all the personal keys of lessons, “breakings”, sacrifices and steps of faith that have all been inserted, (Those are the incense of Revelation 8:3)  and not by you alone, but by every single saint and sincere child of God since the beginning of time. If hand wringing were possible in Heaven, you would see us wringing our hands in desperate anticipation, praying that you who have been given this great realization, this destiny to understand what your prayers can do at this time in history, will right now raise your hands to the Key that will set the course of history on its final leg and turn it with your full-of-faith prayers. Then yes, you will have set the course of history in motion according to the will of God. Satan has inserted his key; the Antichrist has inserted his key, and the 10 Kings have set their keys in place. Now it is up to you to hold them to their commitment. It is up to you to hold Me to My commitment.

God’s men of old were few in number, but the prayers of a few, coupled with faith‚ attacked the strongest and mightiest men and cities, overcame the greatest odds‚ and reversed circumstances. Prayer is what enabled the men and women of faith to leave their mark on history, and prayer will enable you to leave your mark too, and to gain one of the most important titles available–a man or woman of faith.

Prophecy continues: If you turn aside now, as your brothers and sisters turned aside in their time by taking the path of unbelief and making themselves ineligible to hear what you are hearing now, then yes there will be another round and yet another, until no flesh would survive. It is absolutely true that except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. It is your prayers that shorten the days, that turn the tide of history at this point and avoid another set-back. Do you believe this? Can you receive this? If you do, then your prayers will tell the tale. I have promised to return in 2026. I have revealed this secret to My beloved brides of the End, those that have not forsaken My Law of Love, those, that in spite of themselves continue to believe that all the Words that David received from My mouth are true and divine, whether or not they understand them fully. These are the elect that have the power to shorten the time through their faith-charged prayers.  

 The battlefield is set‚ the armies await, and the quiet before the storm pervades all. You look to Me, but there is no call from My lips to attack. There is no rallying cry to charge. I am silent. Why is this? Because, My loves, it is you‚ not I, that control this army of the spirit. You begin this charge. All that I have promised to do for you spiritually, I will do, if only you will command Me.

Through the simple act of desperate prayer that holds Me to an accounting of the performance of My promises, you release these forces and you start the battle. Long before you set foot on the field of engagement, My forces will already have prepared the path ahead. Long before you face the hungry souls that need Me, My legions will have prepared them to receive your words. Long before you approach people for the help and services that you need to continue, My competent spirit beings will have already influenced their hearts for good toward you. Long before you meet obstacles, My helpers will have already prepared the way for you to overcome them easily. Before you meet with opposition, My fighters will have already crippled the Enemy’s efforts to stop or hinder you.

But My army goes nowhere without your command. You command these forces. Do you understand? We promise you so much, we hold so much power, and the only condition is that you pray and release us, that you believe that we are here and that we will work for you if only you will set us free. So much is not accomplished because of your unbelief, so strive to believe. Ask for My help to know beyond a doubt that there is spiritual power waiting to be released if you will just ask.

Don’t grow weary or bored, but face this battle as the true-to-the-core spiritual soldier you were created to be. You’re not called to take up a sword or spear and face the foes in the flesh. You’re called to pray, to command the spiritual through your faith. Can you do it? Can you release this mighty army that will prepare the way for this offensive? Can you begin the battle? All Heaven waits on you. The angels look your way in expectant reverence, just waiting for the command from your lips.

Don’t disappoint My forces. Don’t half-heartedly mumble words that you question or disbelieve. Know that we are here, and command us to the attack. Set the forces of Heaven and Earth in motion through your prayers. Let your prayers shake the foundations of Hell and open the gates of Heaven. Let it be said throughout every sphere of My creation that the children of David, as few in number as they were, sent up such a desperate cry for divine help that power was unleashed on that day such as has never been seen!

Let everyone everywhere know that you have done what you could. Leave no part of your heart unlifted to Me. Pour out everything in your soul. Give it everything you’ve got, and hold nothing back. As you do this simple thing, I will do the rest. If you want to see power, if you want to see miracles, if you want to see the End, if you want to see My coming, then pray as you have never prayed before! Claim that My power will go forward. That is the only way that we will march on your behalf.

These are the rules and this is the game. We will act if only you will pray. If you want to see every promise of Mine fulfilled‚ then pray. Yes, you rest in Me. Yes, you depend on My power. Yes, you trust in My strong arm–but there is one simple thing that I ask of you, and that is your prayers. Give them now in the fullest, deepest measure you can muster. Let each warrior of David prove his mettle today. Let each one show Me that they belong in this army and that they belong on this battlefield through the depth and strength of your prayers.

 If you are a disciple, show Me now! If you are a warrior, show Me now! Save nothing. Hold nothing in reserve. This is it. This is the moment. If you can succeed in mustering enough heart and soul in beseeching Me to work for you, then you will start the snowball of heavenly power that will be unstoppable. This is the time, the moment. If you win this battle of prayer, then you will coast to the very End on a wave of My power.

 I don’t control the destiny of this planet–you do. You few feeble ones control the unwritten history of Earth through your prayers. If you successfully launch this offensive, then the End will come more quickly, because “the Gospel will be preached in all the world” during the offensive, and that is one of the things that must happen before the End comes. So much rides on this moment. Success or failure is not determined through your actions, but through your prayers. If you can fight in prayer like you have never fought before, and win and work and strive in prayer as you have never won or worked or striven before, then the answers will come. I will march to battle‚ and we will win. It comes down to this. It comes down to this moment. Launch the attack in prayer!

I am waiting for your response. I have given every promise that I have to give. I have instructed all that I am going to instruct. I have explained all that I am going to explain. Now I’m waiting. The fate of the world is in your hands. (Prayer Drive 2007 [#3647])

Prophecy continues: Don’t look over your shoulder. Don’t look anywhere but straight ahead. Don’t expect someone else to act. Perhaps they will or perhaps they won’t. Perhaps they don’t fully believe anymore. Perhaps they say in their hearts, “Where is the promise of His return?” Perhaps they are looking to Putin to save them. Don’t let that be said of you. I would dearly, and with all My heart, desire that all of the Children of David, starting with the very first disciple, be standing with you now. But My fulfilling the promises I made in the Bible and the Words of David is not contingent on that. My promise is to do My part. All I ask is that you do your part, that you fulfill the requirements in the agreement we made before all this began. I do not need mighty men at this point; I need faithful men. I don’t need big, important men at this final crossroad; I need believing men. I don’t need an army there in the temporal zone; I need just a handful of believers who know that the Keys are the power that will put the seal on Satan’s last stand. I need just a few, even a motley bedraggled few, to believe that all the promises spoken and written since the beginning of time have culminated at this crossroad and now wait for the Final Key. Because of their belief, these motley few hold that Final Key in their hands. It is to be inserted with their prayers and is what will open the floodgate of My power to finish what was begun by Satan in the garden of Eden.

To those that believe: Take up the charge!

This is what you have been preparing for in all your days of preparation. This is what you have been training for in all your days of training. This is what you have been strengthened for in all your days of strengthening. This is when the power that I have stored for you will be released. This is when the keys will glow hot in your hands and will accomplish the purpose for which I have sent them.

This is when your lives will find their highest purpose, and when you will do your greatest works. This is when the spiritual and physical realms will merge ever so closely, as I have promised. This is when you will earn an abundance of stars for your crown and reap the final harvest that you have been put here to reap. Up above you are the uncounted legions of Heaven. I am going to lead this attack, as I have said.

Faith is fundamental to prayers hitting the mark and accomplishing their mission. Are you aggressive in prayer? Do you put on your full spiritual armor and psych yourself up into “battle mode” when you bring your petitions to Me? If so, expect answers and victories. If not, how can you be surprised at your lack of them? When you’re praying in faith and standing on that faith, you don’t even consider other possibilities. There is no Plan B, only Plan A–counting on Me, the Alpha and Omega.

Don’t let the vastness of your lack of facts and knowledge about My will and the workings of the spirit world hurt your faith or stop you from praying and requesting answers from Me. Base your faith on something greater than your meager understanding of My realm. Base it on My words and promises, which you can claim in full and always count on.

The word that first springs to mind when I hear a desperate, full-of-faith prayer for something is “finally!” Finally they have asked in a way that I can answer! Finally they have asked Me to move in this area that only waited on their prayers! Finally they have put Me to the test! Finally they have untied My hands to let Me work!

Prophecy: Q…What if all of God’s creation on Earth were to be destroyed? What would happen then? A large part of God’s future plans would return back into the mind of God. Q…But what about Jesus’ sacrifice, would that have been in vain? No, because all those that had been saved up to this point would still have eternal life. Q…What if Jesus had decided that He didn’t want to go through with His commission to die on the cross? What is written is that eternal salvation would not have been granted and man would be now facing an eternity in Hell. Q…But isn’t God’s will established no matter what man does? Man isn’t the only creation in the mind of God. Man has a part to play in the will of God, but he is not by any means the be-all and end-all. Man was given free will and majesty of choice, therefore man in a way chooses his own destiny, whether to live or to die, whether to be a part of the overall will of God or not. God and His Son have done all they can do to direct man onto the path that will fulfill God’s highest and best will, but still, free will and majesty of choice are the deciding factors as to whether or not man continues on the path. This part of the race is not yet complete, so until it is, that “other path” is not yet written. Look at the destiny of the Children of David. The promises have been written and will be fulfilled or unfulfilled according to the choices each child of David makes. God and His Son had and still have every intention of fulfilling their promises to David. They are bound by their Word, but they can only be held to those promises if that child of David fulfills his or her side of the agreement. It is written that if they do not, then it will be given to another. And that could mean now or on the next time around. To think that everything in the realm of man will happen with or without your participation is a gross misconception. Isn’t evil man getting his way, in spite of what God’s will was in the matter? Yes, indeed he is; it is very plain to see. We may not have known God’s complete will at the time Eden was created but what was written made man accountable. To obey the Father was, you might say, expected. But that is not how it has panned out thus far. What is written or spoken through the mouth of God is what becomes His will. That is why the Words of David are to you so vitally important. They are the will of God for you who have heard them. Being held accountable to the Word of God supersedes man’s choice in the matter. It is written, if man obeys he benefits, if he disobeys he suffers.

It is also written –that if you stir yourself to pray now at this crucial juncture in history, your prayers are ordained to end this chapter of man’s history and begin the Millennial reign of Christ on Earth.   

Because you have prayed to me!

Isaiah  37:21 Then Isaiah son of Amoz sent a message to Hezekiah: “This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: Because you have prayed to me concerning Sennacherib king of Assyria, (NIV)

Because Hezekiah prayed 185,000 enemy soldiers lay dead on the plains of Judah! Think of it! Does prayer win battles? Because Hezekiah prayed the strongest king in the known world was gone- off the scene of history!

Because one man prayed!   (Isaiah 36 and 37)

Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Having the vision of not merely seeing what ought to be and can be but what will be!  Because we prayed! 

Psalm 22:27 All the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the LORD: and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before thee.

Psalm 22:28 For the kingdom is the LORD’s: and he is the governor among the nations.

It is inevitable! As Esther, we were made for such a time as this! Because we prayed!

After reading Kaye’s note about praying and having the faith that our prayers will make it so, I went again to the MB blog post she mentioned, “Ave-caesar-morituri-te-salutant”, and in the image for that blog I noticed the symbol BRICS used for their meeting –the rising sun in LGBT colors, and it reminded me of the COP27 meetings symbol which we’ve talked about having Egyptian meaning. There are even little pyramids in the body of the half-sun. The verse that came to me was “The son of righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings” –The false messiah tooting his horn!


  “There is nothing more important to your life and service to Me than taking time with Me. Claim the power of the keys of resolve and urgency as you read, absorb, and study My Word. Your spiritual life depends on it.”