Enter Putin


UNTIL RECENTLY, THE WORLD HAS BEEN IN A STATE OF COMPLACENCY & HAS BEEN LULLED TO SLEEP BY A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY: “We’ll never have another big war!–It’s just impossible, because it would be total annihilation!–Everybody would lose!”–They think!–But they’re wrong! There’s one that’s going to win, at least for a little while, & that’s the Antichrist, the Great Red Beast of Revelation!

OBVIOUSLY, WHICHEVER SUPERPOWER IS LEFT WITH ENOUGH POWER TO DOMINATE THE EARTH, whichever one survives the best, will of course then rule the World.–And as we’ve explained, we’re convinced it’s going to be Russia & her satellites! The great World government that she spawns is going to be headed by a man known as the Antichrist, who is going to bring order out of today’s chaos & thus be proclaimed the Savior of the World & the new Messiah. (Atom War GP 1614)


AND WHEN I BEGAN READING JEREMIAH I REALIZED WHAT AN AMAZING & REMARKABLE PARALLEL IT WAS!–THE WHOLE THING!–America today is so like Israel was in the days before her fall: Decadent, hypocritical, pretending to be close to God, worshiping Him with their lips but with their hearts far from Him (Mt.15:8,9), pretending to be a Godly nation, claiming to be God’s people, & yet more wicked than all the other nations around her!”

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