Prophecy Bites

(Angelic helper: ) This life is too short to live everything that could and maybe should be lived out.

Do you really wish to reach the end of it having tasted only this and that, little bites, but never having reached a single goal that you were meant to reach with your one short life?

Let things go so you can grab on to the few things that you can see through to completion without a lot of competition for your attention and time.

You feel so very stifled, but that’s good as you need there to be tough boundaries or you’d go every which way to make good happen but seldom complete a single thing for your Lord and King. It’s been hard enough as it is so far. There are just so many needs to fill.

Your love cup will be topped up one of these days, and all the things you’ve had to put a pause or stop on will be opened up. You’ve got eternity to explore all kinds of possibilities. Just not now or you’ll be sorely disappointed with the loss of not having reached the top priority. It’s a “high calling” that means anything lower in importance can’t be part of the plan. You just focus on the few goals you’ve been given and give them your all.

Fulfillment will come, all in good time, my dear one. We’ll see to it, as we know what you feel. We know the loss or pain that it is, and how you miss those things that you’ve had to forsake. We who are helping you reach your goals get to help make things up to you. Okay? It’ll be better then anyway –much better and so much more fulfilling than just having all your cookies here, right now in the paltry way.



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