Prophecy Bites

(Spirit helper speaking: ) Let me open up the treasure box that is in your chest—your heart. It’s time to check how the jewels are doing. Polished and shiny enough? These jewels only come through times of forsaking and giving your heart and soul to your Redeemer. Tears turn to jewels and solidify over time, even growing bigger when you give the reasons for those tears over to Jesus to hold those tender parts of your soul.

How exactly do you “give” something to Jesus? You let Him be the one to be concerned about what happens next –and what happened before. If someone gives their valuables to another person for safekeeping, then they are entrusting the responsibility to them. They don’t go around thinking constantly about them. That would defeat the purpose of letting another have the care of them. You don’t both need to carry around the concern.

So give your thoughts to Jesus; stop thinking about something He’s asked you to move on from; stop  thinking about the memories or pining over the loss. Let Him take care of what happens next. Just put those special things in a vault of trust, in the treasure chest of your heart and give Jesus the key to look after it.

Then you can freely go on to think about your next mission or just about your love for Him if that’s what it’s time for. When He looks after your treasures, they get bigger and have more luster and shine.