Who will go on our behalf?


“You are giving a clear sound of the trumpet. It is concise and crystal clear. You are exactly where you are meant to be and doing exactly what you have been called to do. Sound it long, loud and persistently because they are hearing and they are coming to life. You are called to the wall as town crier, to call the army to life. You are as Ezekiel; you have his spirit. He is here, calling from the past. This is the time of the End, and he has come back from the past for such a time as this. The cry will grow louder and more forceful as the days of man’s rule fall deeper into perdition. The Words of David, the Words of God will be fulfilled; a great and mighty army will be raised to defeat the enemy in these last days. Do you remember these Words from the annals of David? “Whom have I called and whom have I chosen? Who will go on behalf of Heaven and who will be My children of this Latter Day? Oh yes, I say, YES in great joy, that you, the Children of David, will go for Us. You will be Our testimony to this world. You will be Our face, Our eyes, the hands of Heaven on Earth at this hour. You have been chosen to be the greatest manifestation of My Spirit since the day the world was created. You have been called not as missionaries alone; you have been called as the presence of God on this Earth for this hour. You are the Shekinah glory, the glory of Heaven at this time. You are the very mouth of Christ, the hands of Heaven upon the broken world which surrounds you.” (Fast Day Miracles)

You are God’s Endtime Muezzin calling the faithful to war. Listen to the Words of David and run to your post. Call and reach and pull up and out those that still sleep in the sewer systems of this dying world. Use your weapon of prayer and call. The weapon of our warfare is not carnal but mighty and strong; we wield the weapon of the spirit. The enemy is at the gate. He has overrun the churches, and he has overrun and is entering the city. The enemy is also fulfilling his destiny, his calling; and when he has accomplished to scatter the power of the Holy people, the End will come. Let it be his end; let him feel the keys turned to a flaming sword. Let him feel the razor of prayer and intercession for others.”

(Message from a Blue Angel)


“Claim the keys of conviction, so that you’re only concerned about making Me happy and not worried about the opinions
of your peers.”





March 2022


Intercessory Prayer



February 2022


Fighting with the Keys


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