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Good Word class! (Podcast: Living The Words Of David) Yes, I believe we are in the Great Tribulation. The signs are all too clear everywhere. That was really something to hear of other COD dream traveling.  As far as I am concerned, it is real; it is reality! 


The very first time it happened to me was a few years ago, in what I thought was a dream. I was walking into a very fancy bathroom and turned to look in the mirror. It was then that I realized I was in another man’s body. It so freaked me out that I started to slap myself in the face over and over again, commanding my spirit to go back to my own body in Jesus’ name. I woke up with that same feeling, that it was not just a dream. It was real, but it so freaked me out! I was like ugh ugh ugh, Lord what was that about?

Now I know the Lord takes me “out on the town” so to speak. I know I have been out, but the Lord usually spares me the memory of it all unless I am to share it, like in the Ukraine soldier visit. I was in his body completely. That is how it is in these encounters .


One clear memory of a soul trip a few weeks back: I was in a high-ranking priest or cardinal at the Vatican. This guy had his eyes shut, but I could see right through them, then I was him. I was sitting outside in a place where the local people could come and ask for prayer. This very disturbed couple pulled up in a very funny little car. They hopped out and beseeched me to pray for them; I was glad to. They tossed me a 20-something bill as a gift.  I didn’t want to take it, but I knew they had given it as a blessing gift. I then went back into the well-guarded Vatican and sat down in a very large courtyard. I was just observing this place and along came the pope with a small crowd of important people, some priests and business workers for the Vatican. Maybe 16 or so of them were walking with the pope and He was giving them ORDERS on what he wanted done. I thought, ‘What a rude bully-mouth this guy has! If people only knew how unholy this guy is.’ I looked down at this guy I was in, ‘Boy, is he a fat fellow.” I got up and walked across the yard over to an elevator door. From another direction came a few workers or priests. They had a cart with bags of oats and were going down to the stables. They seemed so excited about these new mules they had just gotten. They asked me if I wanted to take the elevator with them and their grain. I said, “No thank you, I’ll take the stairs.” The stairs went down along the wall in a rounded pattern down to the stables. The priests were so happy I had come to see these new creatures. The mules were special animals, like cloned in a lab or test-tube and specially, genetically bred to read your mind. They also possessed other special, abnormal, hybrid-created talents. There were three of them: one larger one, the next a little smaller than the first one, and the last a little smaller than the other two. The color of their coat was a very, very shiny dark blue. They were very shiny. You would think they were black, but they were not. They were a dark, dark blue. I went to leave, and just like that, I was back home waking up.

I did not see much in the trip there to share, other than I was there to pray for that distressed couple and to witness the pope’s rudeness and bully nature and their study of these new, hybrid mules. Mules are very interesting animals. Maybe they found out how to remove their stubbornness, Ha!


I wanted to save the best for last. In a dream encounter, I was taken to a place where a few of us COD, maybe 10 or more, were standing in a circle around Jesus. I could not see much of anyone else as I was fully focused on our Lord. He was very troubled in spirit and was groaning (John 11:33) in a way hard to explain. I saw He was concerned about something. I perceived to understand it was about the Great Tribulation. I knelt down in front of Him and said, “Lord, You are Going to come in the glory of your Father, in the clouds of Heaven.” He looked at me and lit up with a great big smile, like to say, ‘Yes, that is what I needed to hear.’ I woke up and said to my wife, ‘We need to pray for Jesus, the Heavenly throne and the Heavenly War Forces as there has never been anything like this ever –nor ever shall be.'(We had just listened to the podcast about Heavenly prayer cover-fire ) One thing that stood out to me was, in all that our Lord is to us, He is also our dearest and closest friend and brother and He needs us to pray for him as he asked His disciples to at the Garden of Gethsemane and we, the COD, as few of us as there are, are still His earthly grounding force. He needs and wants to be with us through it all .

One last thought on translations to others: Don’t be afraid. At first it is a little odd, but when the Lord is in full control of the whole experience and witness, you have nothing to fear , 

“The keys can open your eyes to the workings of the spirit world like never before.”


Love to hear your thots

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