Jesus speaking about affliction

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but I will deliver the afflicted out of them all. I afflict the flesh for a purpose. However, My purpose is often missed by the aggrieved because they allow the pain and distress to blind them to what is happening within. If their eyes could be opened and they could see beyond the trials of the flesh, they would realize that a wondrous thing is coming to light. They would see growth of spirit and soul. Once the fires of affliction have cooled and passed away, there is left the ash, and from the ash often a lily grows. The flesh cries out in seeming torment as the soul rejoices in newness of spirit. A wise soul would not so readily wish to be lifted from the fire of affliction, because it knows of the benefits suffering brings. If you will allow Me, I would use the trials and tribulations of this life to bring great strength to your spirits. It is true that I do not enjoy seeing My beloved suffering, but in My wisdom I know that these many afflictions bring depth of spirit to a soul who is tried in this way. I have given the keys to help you endure these times of lessons, they are there to help you stand, and they are there to help open your eyes to the deeper things of the spirit. They will help you see and understand the reason you are on earth and why many afflictions are placed upon you. Do you seek to be released before My work is done? Do you plead with the Master craftsman to cease from His task, to step back from the wheel, to put down the mallet and leave that mar in your clay? Lift up your key ring dearest love and choose the key of My wisdom and allow Me to finish My work.

Let us work together on this project called you; resist not the breaking and bruising, turn your will over to Me and stay on the workbench called life. If you wish for My will to be done then resist not, yield to My fingers that push and ply and place pressure on the sore parts; to reach the soul I often have to use the flesh.  Seek not to be loosed beloved bride; I am only preparing you for our wedding day.”


“Don’t allow the flesh to dictate what your soul and spirit longs for. Many are the afflictions of My beloved, but if you will allow, in My good time, when I know My creation is ready, I will deliver you out of each and every one.”


the happy end

“Claim the miracles of healing and restoration of body that you need through the power of the keys, and that power will be unleashed, bringing the miracles you need.”