…And the Elerian angels

Sometimes life is like a long, dark tunnel with no light in sight. Sometimes life itself can seem like a prisonthe big prison, the real prisonall walled in, small‚ locked in, no way out, no future, no help, no friends. And it’s true; life can be a prison that can choke out your very life. That’s why you have to escape the narrow confines of this lifebust out, crash the gates. And you can do that, but it won’t be in the physical. It will happen in the spirit. As long as you’re on Earth and in this body, you’ll have to deal with the physical, but I can make a way of escape through the spirit where there are no walls, no limits, no restraints, no chains, no locked doors, no guards. The spirit is a whole other world.

The old must make way for the new. But who are the old? The old are those who will not change, who will not allow themselves to be stirred up, who will not take the step of faith, who will not trust Me. Who are the new? The new are those who drink in My New Wine, who trust, who say, “Oh, yes, I will go forth! I know not what is there, but I will go forth.”They that are old are not of a certain age, and they that are new and young are not of a certain age, for the newness or the oldness is a matter of the spirit. Those who will allow themselves to be stirred up, these are they that are new and young. Those that say, “No, no, stir me not up, for I am comfortable and I am happy with the way it is,” these are old. It makes no difference if they are old or young in flesh, for it is a matter of the spirit.

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“She resents those who embrace the things of the Spirit wholeheartedly because she’s not willing to give up the demons of conformity and worldliness that she’s suckling or to continually burn the idols of the worldanything that comes between My relationship with herin order to have Me fully.




“When you have called on the keys and are focused and in tune with My Spiritwhen your mind is My mindI can do anything through you.”






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