Raising of the bones

Dear Brothers,

I have a raising of the bones testimony in my own life. An angel came to me in 2018 to raise me to once again do the Lord’s work.

The first event happened to me at night. I was sleeping when I heard a voice shouting at me, saying “Esteban, wake up!! Esteban, wake up!!!!”

Hahaha… Anyone would have woken up with that. 

But I don’t remember how many days passed until I started getting sick. It must have been two or three. I’m not sure… But when I got sick, it was very serious.  I believe God would have killed me if I didn’t answer His calling.

I was sick with a horrible migraine. It was so severe that I couldn’t open my eyes or get out of bed. I had tried to get out of bed and had almost collapsed.

So finally I prayed (Something I hadn’t done in a while) and asked the Lord.

“Lord what’s going on with me? Please help me, and I’ll do whatever you ask of me”.

Then the voices came, I still remember it very clearly. “Follow Me and tell everyone about Me, starting with your girlfriend. You must tell her that you have decided to follow Jesus”. So I got up and mustered all the strength I could, and walked to the living room where she was. She was watching TV and drinking a whiskey-cola. I used to drink whiskey-cola as well. What a sad combination, two poisons in one cup.

But coming back to the story, I just sat next to her and said. “I have decided to follow Jesus and preach His love to everyone”.

Of course it was a shock to her.

And at that same moment something so beautiful and marvelous happened to me. I felt a cool, frosty, water-like energy pour down my head and take away all the bad feelings. I had been suffering very bad back pains for some years. That was washed away. I was also feeling as bold as a lion. Thank you Jesus.

Since then, a lot of things have become clear to me. I can feel the energy of everything around me and have started to see the spirit of the people. Also from that point, I could see the spirits in the movies. That’s when I stopped watching movies because I could see the devils in them. I also had to leave her, Kim. But after three days, the Lord told me to go back to her and save her soul. I hadn’t done any witnessing for 10 years. But by faith, I met her in a park and only used one verse, John 3:16. Thank you Jesus.

So she received Jesus, and after that I was not afraid to win souls in Europe anymore.

Thank you Jesus. Everything is possible to them that believe.

God bless you family, I love you

“And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord GOD, thou knowest.”



Out of Memphis

“Stand tall with the power of the keys that give My brides boldness and cause you to take pride in being Mine.”





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