Daily faith not desperation faith

“You have faith. Each of you has great faith. And greater faith was a gift that I bestowed on you, My Endtime children. If any of you are lacking in faith, then that is a result of your lack of drinking in My Word, not My lack in giving to you. You are blessed with faith.

(Jesus:) I want you to live faith. I don’t just want you to use it every now and then when situations are dire and needs are desperate. I want you to live in faith. I want “Faith” to be your middle name. Faith is more than just a weapon, more than just an action; faith is a way of living, the reason you live, and the substance within you that compels you to live for Me.

Your faith is the evidence that you are Mine. Your faith in Me is what proves to the world that you are Mine. How much proof are you offering? How much evidence can you show for your life? Faith is the substance. Faith is the evidence. Without faith you won’t please Me, nor can I please you (Hebrews 11:1,6).

To live in faith does not mean that there are what you might consider great manifestations of faith in your life on a daily basis. Those great manifestations of faith come about because you’ve been living in faith on a daily basis. Living in faith means living My Word.” (Link 019)

The future will require great faith, such as hasn’t been tapped into before, and you will be able to meet that demand for faith if you are faithful to live in faith today.



Prophets of the end

“When your heart is heavy and you feel troubled, uneasy, or afraid, let the keys work for you and give you peace, calm, faith and trust. Nothing is greater than key power!”





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