Here is a testimony that happened a few weeks ago.  I was coming from Derry and the Lord told me to get off the bus at the border. I argued with him, but then I just said “Okay Lord, I’ll do what you say.” I started to walk for about a mile and came to a service station. I was very hungry so had a snack and began hitchhiking. After about an hour, I saw a man who worked at the dole office sitting in a car with a friend so I approached him and asked for a lift to my town. He said “Sure jump in.” On the way, a police car pulled in behind us and followed us all the way to my town . Now as I was walking away from the car, the policemen came up and said “Oh we want to talk to you. You’ve been acting very strangely. We’ve been watching you since you came to that service station and we wonder what you’re doing.” So I told him that I followed Jesus and he told me to get off the bus and walk. Then one guy got really aggressive. He was like” Mr Tough Guy” so I just ignored him and started witnessing to the other two policemen. After a few minutes, they bowed their heads and prayed the Salvation prayer.


So the Lord said “Now just walk away.” and I did!

Submitted by Seamus

(Jesus speaking:) I need you to be possessed of Me as never before–not just your hands as you do My work, but your heart and spirit as My disciple and lover, which is the heart and soul of the matter. I need you to lay aside everything else in favor of Me and My Word, in favor of being fully possessed by Me and My Word as never before.”


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