Halloween Wheel


Reposted from Feb o2, 2022

“No matter what comes over that hill, you must keep trusting. I’ve always been right beside you, or at times, one step ahead of you, My lovers, My faithful ones, you who love My Word more than anything the enemy offers you. You have seen a great and wonderful light. It is a gift from Me to My loves, those who, by faith, have not put down their Halloween Wheels. Their wheel of power is their faith in the promises that I have given unto My prophet David. I have given you great strength of spirit, and as you continue to feed on My Words of New Wine, I will empower you and all those that help you from the spirit realm that surrounds you. The stronger your Halloween Wheel becomes, the more power is released to those in the spirit realm that fight for you. It is, in a way, them feeding off of your faith. You are weak, helpless men and women, but your faith is strong and it is this faith that pleases Me. Faith is endless and boundless, nothing can contain it. Faith is the connector to the source of power. I gave each of you a Blue Angel. These beings are the keepers and protectors of the generators of My Father’s power, and they funnel His power to you.  

I have not lied unto My servant David; what is about to come to pass this year will be as a light being turned on in a very dark room. It will be as lightning flashing out into the night to guide those wandering ones back to the path of My Will.  So many of My children have been groping in darkness since the Reboot. Their eyes did not adjust to the change of light. Many were relying too much on the man and not the lamp that was being held out to them. When those lamps were extinguished, many lost their way. This is because they were following the personality and not My Word. They should have been tending to their own lamps. Some still sit in darkness waiting for the leader to lift their lamp once again. But this will not happen, My loves. This is not My way. I stand at the exit of the room with the lamp of My Word in hand. I have been waiting these past years for those brave souls of faith to raise their eyes to the Door. I am that Door and through Me they can leave the darkness behind and move forward into a new day. So many of My children have turned back onto the old familiar path. Holding their dim lamps of past Word, in their own understanding they are trying to regain their footing. These ones do not see what My “New Winers” see; they do not understand what you understand. Understanding is given to those who obey My Word. When I say come, the obedient ones come, and I give them clarity as the lamp they hold casts light on the path ahead. I deliberately hide the future; this is My way. If you are standing in the darkened room of familiarity, everything looks the same, so you think nothing has changed, but you are wrong. Your perception is skewered due to your lack of obedience to My instruction to move forward. Your mind is feeding you the wrong information. It is the enemy who makes you unaware of the deadly danger that surrounds the spot you now stand on.

 The path to My Kingdom is littered with forsaken lamps, left there by pilgrims who lost their way and wandered off into the darkness that surrounds the straight and narrow wayfarer’s trail.  

But now, My loves, I must move on, for the future awaits, and I am eager to fulfill all that is written. A new millennium awaits us; this tired old hag of a world is spent. It has been used up by the Canaanites. The resources are dwindling, and they want to throw you overboard, but don’t worry, I won’t close the door. I’ll leave My shadow angels at this spot to watch for the pilgrim that happens to find the doorway.  My angels hold the oil of sustenance. This precious oil will sustain the wayward one through the days of temptation ahead. It won’t be long now, and I will come for My own. Wherever I find you on the pilgrim’s way, I will take you in My arms and bring you home with Me. I love you. I am your Husband, and I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

  “Don’t hold back, hesitate, or fear. Step out by faith to obey My voice, to fulfill My calling in your life. It feels like you’re taking a leap off the edge of a cliff, but the power of the keys is your parachute and will not let you fall or fail.”

“The Reboot was a way station, a place to renew your lamps with the fresh oil of loving Me intimately, prophecy, the Keys, and all the other newly oiled weapons that were My means of getting you prepped for the rest of the journey.”


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