Revelation 22:20

(Revelation of the Beast!, The [#2501]) But that’s the way they’ve come, & it was sweet. It just came as sweetly as that. “It did. It came as quietly as the Comet.” Or really “he did.” But see, I was asking, “Something should’ve happened.” And so following my question, the answer was, “It did.–As quietly as the Comet.” In other words, “He came as quietly as the Comet & began to take over in ’86!”


Who took over quietly? Putin took over quietly, and as My Endtime prophet said, he has been working behind the scenes since that time. I may not have revealed to David how all the parts of the puzzle would fit, but I used him to place the pieces on the board in preparation for the next player who came along to fit his piece into place. In 1992 I had David lay a significant puzzle piece on the table…

(It Could Happen This Year! Part 1 [#2738]) “(Maria: Could the Antichrist start out by being a very good man?) I don’t like to call him good, but he could start out as a very wise man, a brilliant man, a genius. He’s got to have that supernatural genie power & wisdom of Satan in order to solve the problems in the Soviet Union. He’s got to have that kind of genius & brilliance & wisdom of the Devil to survive what’s happening there right now. So let’s just theorize & say that maybe Yeltsin is it, & therefore his reign has begun.” And as the whole world knows: In August 1999, Boris Yeltsin appointed Vladimir Putin prime minister. It was a clear sign that President Yeltsin was preparing Mr. Putin for the Kremlin. 

…Yes, My loves, it was a clear sign to the world that a time of trouble was about to begin. But has the world listened? As usual, it has not. History teaches that man does not learn from history. I have sent My prophets, and they have stoned them and vilified them. I have sent warnings from the heavens and in times past some have seen them as warnings from God, but over time they moved on and about their business. The comet came quietly and so did “the man of sin”. He crept in and began controlling the world behind the scenes. And for those that see, they see plainly that his policies and organs of power have also come in quietly. There is a one-world government operating openly, yet somewhat veiled. The Mark of the Beast is also operating openly, yet it too is somewhat veiled. The Abomination of Desolation has been placed in the true temple, the hearts of man, yet this also is not obvious. As David said of the comet, so it is with the coming of the unjust one and his regime…

(Revelation of the Antichrist!, The [#2191]) “MAYBE THE LORD JUST FELT THE WORLD NO LONGER DESERVED A WARNING, THEY NO LONGER DESERVE TO HAVE SUCH A SPECTACULAR WARNING! Because a lot of people are pretty superstitious & they would have thought it was a warning from God, just like they have in the past! But since it failed to show up really visibly or spectacularly, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people have gone back to rest now & said, “Well, things continue as they were since the days of the fathers, why worry? It didn’t come, it’s no warning, so maybe nothing’s going to happen!” (2Peter 3:3-4, 2Pet:3:32) 

…I reveal My secrets unto My prophets, therefore hear My Words in David’s Words and believe…every prophecy will find its mate…

(Interpretation [#0282A]) “I HAVE TOLD YOU IN ORDER TO BE FAITHFUL TO WARN YOU! GOD ALWAYS GIVES A WARNING! HE SENDS THIS COMET AND TELLS US THAT WE HAVE 40 days to get ready and another 40 days of warning! The first warning is for us and the second warning for the world. “So shall the future be as I have told thee before.” What has God told us before? What is the future going to be? He’s told a lot of us a lot of things about the future. “Even so shall the future be as I have told thy father. It shall come in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye! But they will not believe your father.” Is that a warning, that last thing, they will not believe your father? Because it didn’t happen at the end of 80 days, is that why they’re not going to believe me? Are they going to go off scoffing saying, “Ha! See! It didn’t happen–false prophet! It’s not going to happen!” and then–Boom! It would really catch them napping, amen? Wouldn’t that be a good way for the Lord to really trick them? I mean they’ll all be waiting–let’s wait and see if it’s going to happen–but then if it doesn’t happen right at the end of 80 days … you know what? That sort of thing weeds out the unbelievers and the scoffers and it makes them show their true colors. “Ha, ha, I never believed it the whole time! See, it didn’t happen. I knew he was a false prophet.”–And then God can really judge them.”

…But you now see that it has happened and it will continue to happen. This adulterous generation has been given the sign of the prophet Jonah. These all came in quietly and over time they infiltrated the governments, the medical and financial institutions of the world, and now as strings in the hands of the puppeteer, he holds control over the puppets and people of this world…

Revelation 17:12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. 13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

…So be not as the world who look for earth-shaking signs and wonders, but instead listen for My whispers in the night seasons, when the men of this world sleep. The signs that you seek will be given to those that sit at My feet. If you would hear of what is about to come into the world, then enter the tabernacle of your heart. Listen to the Words of God through the mouth of David and the gift I have given to you of hearing from Me, for very much has already been revealed, and it is given to you to place them before those who would hear…

(What If? Part 2 [#2211_2]) “With the Covenant having already been made secretly & the Antichrist controlling things from behind the scenes already for 3-1/2 years, the Tribulation could begin any time from now on, in order for it to end sometime after my death!  SO PREPARE YE! BE YE THEREFORE READY, AMEN? PTL! It’s later than you think & may be earlier than you think! The Antichrist, if he’s already made the Covenant & is already in power behind the scenes, could seize full power & be revealed at any moment from now on! But as we’ve said today, since we don’t know when the Covenant began or his rule, we won’t know exactly when he breaks it until he does, which could be anywhere from now on. In other words, the Tribulation could begin at any time, when the Antichrist is revealed & sets himself up as God.”

…If you truly desire the truth, My brides, then listen and heed the Words of your prophet David. Listen and heed the Words in My Bible. Listen and heed to the Words on this page, and I will open your eyes and you will see. If you are waiting for the mark in your hand or forehead, I speak to those who have been vaccinated…look again…(End of prophecy)


Revelation 22:20 (Turn it around and you have 2022)…He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

They Got The Money

“Through the keys you can make your calling sure and have a clear purpose, just as I had a clear purpose and calling when I was on Earth.”


Daniel 2:22 He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.


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— the games people play —

The Devil uses music much more than anyone realizes. He uses it in song; he uses it in advertising. He baits the people with his lyrics and laces his lines with poisonous lies. He is fishing for souls, and his lines have gone out into all the world. It is a take on Psalm 19:4 “Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun.”

The Devil is setting up his tabernacle in the hearts of the lost, those that through their many wrong choices and decisions have become snared by the deceiver. He holds so many lines, and they sit in so many different ponds. In fact, all that you see now on television and the internet is staged. Every war, every political maneuver, every speech, every game people play  and every song that is sung –is sung by him through one of his tools, puppets, players. Call them what you will; they are his bait sitting on the end of his line. It’s time for the final reaping, the final worship. All his instruments of power are now in place. He is ready to draw the net…tight! Swim little fishes of David, swim upstream and into the tabernacle of David your king. The day of perdition has arrived. Their king sits as God declaring himself as God demanding his subjects to pay obeisance to him…

…The flood of lies that pours forth from his throne is as his river Stynx, the river of death. Get out now and swim into the the River of Life and breath deeply of the waters of life eternal. The sirens of Satan play their tunes to those whose ears are dull, whose hearts are numbed by his poisonous darts. Swim now!  His fishermen are everywhere. There are nets and lines and fishing darts on every bank, in every pond, lake and stream.

Behold the Key of David; behold your Key to the wilderness. Take it and flee; for the time of wrath has come. Close your ears to Satan’s tunes and lyrics, his advertising and sensational nonsense. He is closing down all resistors, all alternative routes and those that have held open those doors are now locked behind the very door they themselves thought were escape routes. Spirit or flesh–there is only one way and that is spirit. These Words that I speak unto you this day are spirit and life. Swim now, leave the Stynx behind and take the tributary back to where you came from those many years ago. There is a lake of pure water waiting for you, where lies the source of all that is good. All you have to do is follow the trail of strange truths. Start with this one and you will find your way back home where the Father is waiting with open arms to receive you. (End of prophecy)

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