Those who oppose our prayers



Jesus speaking:
“Satan has learned that the most powerful attack that he can possibly launch on his opponents is through attacking prayer. Prayer is your strongest, most powerful spiritual weapon. You’ve heard Me say similar things from time to time about praise, about loving Me intimately, about the keys, because each one of your spiritual weapons is extremely powerful, and at the right time and place, any one of your spiritual weapons can be used to be the most powerful. But prayer is the overall most powerful weapon, because whichever other weapon you are using, you’re almost always using prayer. It takes prayer in some form to praise, to use the keys, to hear from Me in prophecy, to call on your spirit helpers.
Prayer is the one weapon that supports everything else and every other weapon to some extent.

As powerful and vengeful and hateful as Satan and all of Hell’s Angels of Evil are, and as bound to their oath to fight to the finish as they are, you do not need to fear. I am mightier. The power that I give you is far greater. The anointing of My Spirit within you is a greater and more powerful anointing. I will be victor over all of the universe‚ and over Satan
and all of his demons. Satan will fight your prayers, but that doesn’t mean that he can stop your prayers. The minute a prayer is prayed, it is effective. When you pray, the power is already released and I will work. You pray, Satan fights, and I do the miracles. Just because Satan fights, that doesn’t mean that you will lose. You will win as long as you follow Me and
My instructions.

Hell’s Angels, which include Satan himself, have a deep hatred for Me–and therefore for you‚ My brides. They fight your personal connection and communications with Me, which depend upon your prayers. They also fight your intercessory prayers for others.”

“Keep obeying! Keep praying, no matter how much the Devil fights you. Call on My help and the help of your spirit
helpers. Call on your specific prayer spirit helpers, and they will fight for you and help you every single time. Call on the
keys. Do whatever it takes to have effective prayer times, and you will. I promise. Don’t look at the carnal, or how you feel
or don’t feel. Just remember that prayer is a spiritual weapon and it always works. Trust in My power to defeat Satan and
any of Hell’s Angels. Their fate is sealed, which they know right well. They haven’t said “uncle” yet, but they will. Trust Me.” (Taken from John’s compilation Spirit Helpers, Keys and Opposers to Prayer)

“Release the keys of fighting prayer, and I will work on your behalf to do what you cannot do. Every mountain will melt away and nothing will be impossible to you.”




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