all parts of you touched

I came to you in the best form I have. For if I want to touch more than just your earthly senses and to penetrate each part of your soul, then I must use the conduit of the Word, My Word. This has the power to “visit” with each part of you—if you read and absorb enough, you get to have all parts of you touched. I came to be with you in a way you would most benefit from.

I am not selfish. There is nothing I do that is for Me primarily. I see what you truly need, not just what your lips are saying. Just like you do with the children, you look past behavior to see what the true need is. So do I do with you. I love to take very good, exceptional care of you.


You can do all things through Me. You can face something that seems insurmountable and actually enjoy it, if you claim the power of the keys.



Revelation 15-22

“By the power of the keys you can rise above the things that threaten to muddy your outlook on life.”







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