Our eternal city is a crystal

“OH THE WONDERS THAT I WOULD REVEAL UNTO THEE IF THOU WOULDST HAVE FAITH in the words that I have given unto thy Father David! The very rocks are alive and growing and cry out unto thee! Hear now the crystals of David!”

THE BASIC DESIGN OF ALL CRYSTALS IS PYRAMIDAL! (Tongues:) “Why wonderest thou at these things that I have already revealed unto thee and shown thee, these things even from the smallest things unto the greatest–from the smallest atom unto the great City of Heaven, I have shown already unto thy father David!” That’s why the Heavenly City is shaped like a pyramid–it’s a crystal! The Crystal City!–(See Rev.21!)

PYRAMIDAL MOLECULAR CRYSTALS ARE THE BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, FROM THE LOWLY ATOM UNTO THE HEAVENLY CITY! The basic design of the smallest molecule is pyramidal in structure, right on up to the pyramid shape of the Crystal City! The Heavenly City is built like a pyramid! No wonder the Egyptians kept harping on the pyramids, and constructing pyramids as tombs for her kings!–They are symbols of Heaven hereafter!

(Crystal Pyramid!, The [#0214])

“All crystals are different, but they all have one thing in common: They all grow, atom by atom, molecule by molecule! Their basic design is pyramidal and they grow in spirals.



Revelation 21

“Call on the keys as you take your last breaths, and My angels sent to escort you home to Me will appear to you, giving you comfort and assurance and freedom from any fear of the unknown as you leave the earthly realm and enter the world of My Spirit.”






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