Prayer: I never knew anything could last forever till I found You. I never dreamed anything could be better till I found You. Gone are the days of chasing after what won’t last. I’m done with building these castles that crumble like sand. You’re so beautiful Jesus, so satisfying and deep. I wouldn’t give up what I know and the connection I have with You for anything. I am so sick of this world and its fake cheap imitation of Your wonderful creation called love. Man is so selfish. We can’t even begin to come close to You. Thank You for loving us. We are but dust. We are nothing but selfish, greedy and sinful humans, but You stoop low to love us and show us that love in the most wonderful ways. I may not understand Your love sometimes, but I accept it nonetheless. I understand that You know best and that what You put me through is for a purpose and that it will bring about Your will. And that’s what I want; I want Your will to be performed. I put down my will, even if it means pain and things that I think are unfair happening. I want to trust You and love You all the same. Please empower me to cling to You and praise and trust You no matter what…

Jesus: Thank you My love, for wanting to yield, for being willing to lay your life and own desires and plans aside and yield to Me. I know your throat burns as you say those words. You want to mean it but you are so afraid of the pain, so afraid of being alone and empty and having your hopes and heart broken. But you have already yielded in your mind by praying that prayer and when the times come, you will be better prepared for it and will have faith and trust that I have you in My hand. You have to soak yourself in the Word if you want to be ready for those really faith-testing situations. In order for you to be strong enough you have to have a strong enough connection with Me and the spirit world, and that comes from taking in big doses of My words on a daily basis…submitted by a teenager


He says I’m beautiful

“Call on the keys. Come to My bedchamber and let Me make sweet love to your spirit. I’m in love with you, you know? And I do have your life in My hand and am in control of everything that happens. “

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April 2022


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April 2022


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  1. Beautiful message. It speaks so much of what is on my heart, and is very reassuring. His love and care is forever.

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