You Are Worthy to Suffer for My Name’s Sake

“A mother’s heart just wants to make everything right. It wants to soothe and make her child better and take away the pain. It cannot bear to see her child hurt so. She would rather take on your pains rather than to see you suffer. But at the same time her heart is filled with pride and admiration at the battles her child is facing and fighting so determinedly. She knows it is needed and must be, for the making of her child into the man or daughter of God, that He so desires. The path He has you on and the depth He is taking you shows her that your choices have been for Him. Even though there is anger and resistance and unyieldedness at times, she knows this must be; that it is all part of the process of refining her child. She waits on the shoreline, waiting and watching and praying for her child’s ship out at sea in the heavy storm, calling on the keys and legions of spirit help to rush to her child’s side and for our Lord to become more real and close. She is apprehensive but as she stands waiting out the storm she reminisces on her own stormy days and is reassured by her Husband that He brought her through many wild and terrifying, turbulent times. He did it for her and He will surely be there for her children. So she trusts and puts her hand in her Lover’s again and steps back to let Him do what only He can do. She cannot rescue them but she can employ all the weapon power she can to rush in and fortify her children from the raging battle. That is the very most she can do. And even though her heart is hurting and pains her, seeing how they are tossed to and fro, she smiles, because she knows her Husband is at work in their hearts and this pleases her very much to know that He counts them worthy to pass through such turbulent waters as He too passed. They are worthy and Jesus chose them to be His representatives and for that she is more happy than the pain they must suffer. They are choosing aright and great will be their reward and greatly will they be used.


Joy of joys to a mother’s heart! Well done my beautiful, courageous sons and daughters. I am so proud of you. Continue to hold high the torch and to pass on the baton to your brothers and sisters. We are counting on you.

Take up the serum, David’s fighting serum, to defy the evil one that attacks you and then turn around to those fighting beside you to help them too. You too are leaders and commanders to your people and is the purpose of your trial by fire. So be encouraged and fight on for the purpose for which you have been called, our brave fellow warriors. It is a pleasure and honor to be fighting by your side. The keys are our armor, make them yours too. And they will bring you into the brightest day! Hallelujah!”


“The battle rages and the fight is on, but the power of the keys will see us through the darkest night and into the brightest day!”



The Fight Is On

“The keys of the Kingdom will empower you to live the Law of Love.”

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