The Keys Are Our Strong Tower


“In the waiting, dear one, take the opportunity to imbibe all the power that you can. Be filled. Take in all you can in the way of My Word, scripture and Key promises. Love Me and feel Me closer than ever, even if you feel a bit down for no explainable reason.”

“I understand the fight is long and you are weary. You feel even more weary when you remember that the heaviest fighting hasn’t even come yet. You wonder if you even have it in you. But fear not, for you well know that when you are weak, then I am strong. But you have to stay close to Me; you just cannot stray. You must always be on your watch these days, for they are evil. The darkness has descended and you can feel it. No more can you take time off and wander in dark places. You must stay in the light and be continually bathed by My power to  give you strength and to counteract the weight of the enemy’s foul breath which is so close now. You must fiercely guard your spirit and consecrate it to Me. Let Me lift your spirit and defeat the evil one’s attempts to discourage you. Let My Key promises run through your mind to fortify you and lift you above the sickness of this world. It is dead and rotten to the core, full of all evil and beyond help. It must be purged and made anew. Now you must stand and stay on your watch.  You cannot put down your sword now. Fight to stay above it all, up here in My realm. Rise above, and all that needs to transpire will, for it is time and these things must come about so I can return and come and get you.” (End of prophecy)

USED Snow White


“The keys are your strong tower against the enemy, My love. They will give you the faith and take away the apprehension, anxiety, worry, doubts about all that is coming and all that you could face. It’s scary, and if you don’t hold onto the keys, you will be overcome. Let them be your all in all. Never neglect them, but constantly go to them; use them and become so close to them. Let them be so important to you. Live them, breathe them. Gain comfort from them, for they will strengthen you as you use them over and over. Think them, speak them, read them. They will give you faith, My love, and drive away any fear. They are your light, your salvation. Keep your eyes fixed on them and don’t give the enemy any sway. Don’t let him divert you from the power you receive from the Keys. Believe it. Believe the Keys and the power they hold. Do not doubt. Grow strong through reading them now. Let them become a part of you, to where you cannot do without them and calling on them becomes an automatic reaction. Herein lies your strength. Herein lies the secret to the power I give unto you. Concentrate your efforts on the Keys now and grow stronger through their use.” (End of prophecy)


“In the deepest despair, in the darkest night, in the depths of defeat there is rescue. Call on the power of the Keys of the Kingdom, call My Name, call for My mercy, call for My help. Then wait on Me, and I will strengthen your heart. You will rise up and walk on.”

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